October 1st 2006 – 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Day for Life
Initiated by the late Pope John Paul II to encourage the Catholic Church worldwide to celebrate the sanctity of life.
Human life is a precious gift to be loved and defended in each of its stages. The Commandment 'You shall not kill!' always requires respecting and promoting human life, from its beginning to its natural end. It is a command that applies even in the presence of illness and when physical weakness reduces the person's ability to be self-reliant.
The theme of this year's Day for Life is disability and our three goals are:
*  to celebrate the life and presence of disabled people in the Church and in society today;
*  to promote a more just and humane society in which all can reach their full potential;
*  to defend the lives of the disabled often threatened before birth by genetic screening and procured abortion, or being denied necessary medical treatment when ill or old.

Today's Psalm
This psalm raises some pertinent questions. How can I detect all my errors? What hidden faults have I? Does my presumption of goodness leave me blind to the faults that others might see clearly?
The law of God provides the light to penetrate the inner darkness. Where do we find this law? In the written word of scripture, in the teaching of the Spirit through the Church and in the voice of conscience. Today's readings make the point that the power of the Spirit is not confined to any body of believers. The Spirit guides all people of upright intention.
The psalmist rejoices that God?s law revives the soul. It is a sure source of wisdom and holiness. It brings forth truth, justice and proper instruction.
Counselling can help me sort out the multiple layers of my experiences to find what I need to do. But it takes discernment to help me see what God wants me to do.
The precepts of the Lord gladden the heart.

Gougane Barra Devotions October 1st
The annual ceremonies at Gougane Barra to mark the Feast of St. Finbarr will take place on this Sunday afternoon October 1st. The Mass will be celebrated by Bishop John Buckley and the homily will be preached by Fr. Tom Deenihan, Diocesan Secretary.

First Friday
Fr. Charlie and Fr. Kerry will visit the sick and the housebound on this coming Thursday & Friday at the usual times.
Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament on Friday after the 10am Mass until 1pm.

We remember in our prayers Donal Kenneally, Heatherton, Br. Basil Daly, Presentation Brothers, Maiville and Bernadette Buckley, Fr. Matthew Rd., who died recently. We extend our sympathy to their families and community. May they rest in peace.

New Approach
The Girls and Boys from Christ King Girls N.S. and Scoil Chriost Ri will be enrolled for their First Penance and First Holy Communion here in Christ the King Church at the 10.30am Mass on Sunday next Oct. 8th.

"Do this in Memory", the new programme of preparation has been introduced in parishes all over the Diocese.
The programme identifies the four cornerstones on which the foundation for sound community based preparation are based. 1. The sacramental preparation of children is the responsibility of the home, school and parish working together in partnership. 2. The work of sacramental preparation begins long before the First Eucharist celebration. 3. The celebration of First Holy Communion is a sacred and important moment on a long journey of faith development. Together with Baptism and Confirmation it opens the door to full membership of the Christian community. It is not an end in itself. 4. The preparation of our children must always be seen as one element of the broader task of whole-community catechesis.

"Do This in Memory" complements the school-based work and takes place outside the classroom in the context of the parish Sunday Eucharist. It is then continued in the home through the use of activities and resources for both parents/guardians and children. This highlights the importance of the Sunday Mass as a celebration where we are nourished by the Word and the Bread of Life, and are sent forth to live the Gospel. It also acknowledges the home as the most important and significant place, where the faith of our children is nurtured, nourished and sustained.

Bishop Michael Murphy
There will be a concelebrated Mass on October 7th to mark the 10th Anniversary of the death of Bishop Murphy in the North Cathedral at 11am. All are invited to attend.

South Parish Historical Society
in the South Parish Community Centre, Wed. 4th October at 8pm.
Guest Speaker: Alicia St. Leger will speak on 'The Theatre Royal & Cork Opera House'. All are welcome.

Christ King Girls' Secondary School
will host an Open Evening on Thursday next 5th October at 7pm. Principal's Address: 8.15pm. All are welcome.

Altar Servers
If you are in third class or above and not in our Parish Schools and would like to be an altar server in Christ the King Church, you can collect your application form in the Sacristy.

Important Dates 2006/2007
Oct. 8th 2006 at 10.30am: Enrolment Mass for those preparing for First Penance & First Holy Communion
March 28th 2007: Parish Confirmations
May 12th 2007: First Holy Communion Boys
May 19th 2007: First Holy Communion Girls