July 16th 2006 – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Prayers for the Holy Land
Following the Holy Father’s message at the Angelus on Sunday, 16 July  We ask parishioners to pray  for all concerned in the Holy Land and in the Middle East. 
May God bring about reconciliation and a just peace in that troubled region.

"Spirituality of everyday life" – August 16th – 23rd
6 day Retreat in the scenic beauty of Myross Wood Retreat House.
Bookings : 028 33118

Working for Christ
To do  the work of Christ is really quite simple.
It means to be faithful in little things,
for to be faithful in little things is a big thing.
It means to do one's task, no matter how humble,
not only thoroughly but joyfully.
It means to make oneself available,
yet never to seek the limelight.
It means to make oneself useful,
without seeking to push oneself.
It means to carry one's own burden, without,
as far as possible, becoming a burden on others.
In a word, it means to be at one's post,
helpful and faithful, loyal and constant.
Lord, make me an instrument
for the building of your kingdom.

Keeping it simple
Who travels lightest travels furthest is a truism. What seemed essential at the journey's beginning is discarded as soon as the shoulder straps on your rucksack begin to chafe. The general rule for packing is to lay out everything you need and take away half of it. Think light and adaptable!
It's a truth that experienced walkers will verify. Among them the growing number of pilgrims walking the ancient Camino or pilgrimage way to the shrine of St. James at Santiago de Compostella in Spain. They find that a long hard look at what you?re packing pays off. Keep it simple.
Maybe as you pack for a family holiday, we need to take a good look at what we are bringing with us along the road of life? We have all seen the images of people uprooted by disaster, having to evacuate. What to bring after ourselves, food and clothing? We should hold our possessions lightly. So, in our lives, what needs to be scrutinised and discarded? What has stood us in good stead when the chips are down? Decluttering is not just about household possessions, but also attitudes and values that are unworthy of the name Christian.

Munster Final
The best of luck to the Cork Footballers in the replay of the Munster Final this Sunday.