June 4th 2006 – Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost saw the birth of a new community, the Church. This is the day the apostles left the upper room, where they had been hiding for fear of the Jews, and went out fearlessly to preach the Gospel to the world. They could not have done this had they not received ‘power from on high,’ that is, the Holy spirit. We too need the Holy spirit to live as Christians and to speak a new language,
On Pentecost day the Apostles spoke a new language.
What was this language?
It was the language of peace rather than of war;
the language of cooperation rather than of competition;
the language of forgiveness rather than of vengeance;
the language of hope rather than of despair;
the language of friendship rather than of hostility;
the language of unity rather than of division;
the language of love rather than of hate.
Through the gift of the Spirit, the people of different
languages learned to profess one faith
to the praise and glory of God.
That is the real miracle of Pentecost,
and it is a miracle which, thankfully, still happens.

The Diocese of Cork & Ross rejoices this Pentecost Sunday when Bishop Buckley ordains to the Priesthood Anthony O’Mahony. A native of Ardfield Parish, son of Denis and Julia O’Mahony,  he was educated at Sarsfield National School and Farranferris College. He went to study at U.C.C. before making the decision to become a priest. Our prayers and good wishes go to Anthony and his family.

Date for Your Diary
The Annual Eucharistic Procession
takes place on the afternoon of Sunday 18th June. Bishop Patrick Lynch, recently ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark, London, will preach the sermon. Try to keep this Sunday free to make the Procession a family event. This is the 80th year of the Procession.

Pilgrimage to Knock
On Saturday June 24th 2006 Bus leaving Girls Primary School, Evergreen Rd., at 7 am. Fare €22. Meals extra. Enquiries Irene at (021) 4963326.

Exam Time
Our good wishes and prayers to all who begin their exams on Wednesday next. The 10 am Mass will be offered for all those doing exams on Wed. 7th June. Special Cards are available in the Parish Office.

Prayer for those doing exams:
Lord, pour out your Spirit of Wisdom on those students doing exams. Help them to remain calm, to attend carefully to the questions asked, to think clearly, to remember accurately and to express themselves well. Grant that they may reflect the best of the work they have done and the best of teaching they have received. Accept their best efforts in these examinations and in the great test of life on earth. May your love be upon them, O Lord, as they place all their trust in you..

We remember in our prayers Paddy Cullinane, Evergreen Rd. Paddy was one of the faithful Church Collectors here in Christ the King for many years. Martin Horgan, Greenhills Court, Diarmuid Burns, Capwell Rd., and Clare Harris, O’Connell Ave., who died during the week. Our sympathy to their families. May all who mourn be comforted.

We are saddened to learn of the devastating earthquake on the Indonesian Island of Java.
We pray for the victims and their grieving families, invoking eternal peace upon the deceased and comfort and consolation of all who are suffering.
We pray for the rescue workers and all involved in providing medical assistance to the victims of this disaster, to persevere in their efforts to bring relief and support.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love.
Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And you shall renew the face of the earth.
Let us pray: O God, who has taught the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant that, by the gift of the same Spirit, me may be always truly wise and ever rejoice in his consolation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

A Thought
There’s a story told about a frog that fell into a deep rut in a farm laneway. A couple of days later he was still there. Frog friends found him and urged him to get out of his predicament. The frog made a few feeble efforts but remained stuck below in the rut. For the next few days his friends encouraged him to try harder but they finally gave up and returned to their pond. The next day the frog was seen sunning himself along the shore of the pond. ‘How did you get out of that rut?’ his friends asked. ‘Well, as you know’ said the frog ‘I couldn’t. But then came a tractor along the laneway and I had no choice but to jump.’
Every one of us has the potential to do so much more, if we only believe in ourselves.

Catholic Papers
On sale at the back of the Church: The Irish Catholic, The Voice, The Universe, The Catholic Times.