May 21st 2006 – 6th Sunday of Easter

Speaking to SKY NEWS on Sunday, an English Vocations Director referred to a new recruitment campaign which draws on sporting images and language — words like commitment, passion, team spirit, digging deep etc. When the rugby panelist George Hook turns lyrical about Munster Rugby and Thomond Park, he resorts to religious language — “the spiritual home, the field of miracles, a well more potent than the mix of Lourdes and Knock water, the crusaders in search of the holy grail!” If only the Church could bottle some of the fire and passion of the Munster team and supporters we could celebrate a second Pentecost. Incredible as it sounds there are people who don’t have any interest in sport or the destiny of the Munster Team, Nemo or Cork City.
Their God frowns on all this hype!
I wonder! What do you think?

Morning Mass
In the coming weeks there will be one morning Mass at 10 am.

First Holy Communion
Our congratulations to the Girls from Christ the King N.S. who received their First Holy Communion this Saturday. We had a lovely ceremony. Well done to their teacher Miss Laura Jane Barry and the School Choir under the direction of Mrs Ann Murphy.

A Celebration of Evening Prayer in word and music for the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, Sunday 28th May, 6pm in the Cathedral of St Mary & St. Anne (North Cathedral), Cork.  With MUSICA SACRA CHORALE, LIMERICK .  Musical Director: Paddy McCormack.  Guest Organist: Michael O’Brien.
All welcome.

The Da Vinci Code deliberately presents fiction as fact. It distorts history, falsifies theology and insults the person of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.
I urge those who see the film not to be taken in by its fanciful themes and deliberate untruths. I ask you to remember that the Da Vinci Gode tells us nothing at all about the truth of Jesus Christ, the Christian Faith or the Catholic Church. During his time on earth, Christ suffered insults and mockery with patience in order to show the truth about his unwavering love for all. This continues to be true today.
Common sense will go a long way. Dan Brown’s work is fictional, as he himself declares in his novel. Soya the film’s distributor fail to carry an equivalent disclaimer in the film, as it should. The adaptation of historical events for literary purposes is as old as literature itself.
Five key Da Vinci deceptions
1. Fiction: Brown claims that Jesus was a mere mortal, and that his divinity was a fourth century invention concocted to bolster the power of the Emperor Constantine.
2. Fiction: The Da Vinci Code portrays the Catholic Church as a sinister and murderous organisation dedicated to concealing the truth about Jesus.
Fact: Scripture and two millennia of tradition demonstrate that the Church was founded to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ.
3. Fiction: The Da Vinci Code claims that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.
Fact: Scripture shows that Jesus remained single throughout his life.
4. Fiction: The Da Vinci Code portrays Jesus’  main contribution as fathering a child by his wife, Mary Magdalene.
Fact: Jesus’ death and resurrection were at the centre of his mission.
5. Fiction: The Da Vinci Code claims that the New Testament was a man-made invention.
Fact: Christians believe that it was written by man, but inspired by God.
And the evidence . . . .
The claims of the Da Vinci Code are based on the Gnostic Gospels written centuries after the New Testament accepted by Christians. They are not accepted by most scholars as providing evidence about the life and times of Jesus.
Christians base their claims on 2000 years of tradition and the Gospels. Written by contemporaries and near contemporaries, they are the most reliable evidence we have about the historical Jesus.

South Presentation Primary School
Closing down — July 31st.
Open Days: May 26th 7 – 9 pm. May 27th & 28th 2 – 5 pm.
Exhibitions, Photographs, Chat, Refreshments.
Mass of Thanksgiving will be celebrated by Bishop Buckley in St. Finbarr’s Church on Saturday 1st July at 6 pm.

Exam Time
Mass will be offered for all those doing Exams on Wedn. 7th June. Special Cards are available in the Parish Office.

South Parish/Turners Cross Summer Play Scheme
Registration Night Thursday 1st June in Community Centre, Sawmill Street.

Prayer and Reflection
In the Parish Centre every Monday evening at 7.30. Those who come find it very helpful. You are welcome to join the group on Monday evenings.

to Dan Donovan, “Glendon”, Curragh Rd., on having the Theatre in Presentation Brothers College named after him. Dan, a well-known theatre lover, was a teacher in P.B.C. for over 40 years.

Pilgrimage to Knock
On Saturday June 24th 2006 Bus leaving Girls Primary School, Evergreen Rd., at 7 am.
Fare €22. Meals extra.
Enquiries Irene at (021) 4963326.

Woodvale Pitch & Putt Club
(Just below Cross Douglas Road)
OPEN DAYS Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th May 3 pm to 6 pm each day.
New members welcome.

Tramore Athletic F.C.
Their A.G.M. will take place in the Clubhouse on May 31st at 7.30 pm.
All are welcome.