March 12th 2006 – 2nd Sunday of Lent

Testing Faith
Two mountains, one a scene of glory, the second of near tragedy. A close call for Isaac (first reading), a glimpse of glory for Peter, James and John in the Transfiguration scene in the Gospel. The latter even features as the Fourth Mystery of Light in the Rosary.
No such billing for Abraham and Isaac, whose name ironically meant ‘he laughs’. It was no laughing matter, rather the sort of thing that makes every sane parent shudder. A report comes over the radio of someone who has mistreated, neglected or murdered his or her own child. We are revolted by such incidents and cannot even begin to comprehend how someone can do that to their own flesh and blood.
Just as Abraham laid Isaac on the altar and tied him down (as a young man, he could have resisted), today you may feel tied to some things you’d rather escape: like that marriage you think is hopeless . . . those people who constantly irritate you . . . that job you hate. You feel God is tying you down and your flesh rebels. But just as Abraham was raising his knife, God said, ‘Stop! You’ve passed the test . . . You’ve proved that I can trust you, even when it hurt you to do my will . . . that you’ll be faithful, even when you are maligned and misunderstood . . . that you’ll stand fast, even though you want to run. That is the purpose of the test!’

Pre-Easter One Day Retreat
A day of meditation, reflection and healing.
(Martina Lehane Sheehan) Sat. April 6th: 10.30am–4.30pm
St. Dominic’s Retreat Centre, Montenotte, Cork.
Cost: €20 or €35 incl. dinner.  Tel. 4502520.

Youth 2000 Retreat
Ages 16 – 35 welcome. At Knockadoon Camp, East Cork, 10th – 12th March. Bring a friend. Eucharistic weekend full of music, prayer and great fun. Theme: “It is good for us to be here”. Bring a sleeping bag. Donation only.
Contact: Seán 086-1651219, Therese 086-6061470.

Public Lecture
Fr. Jerome Murphy-O’Connor O.P. will give a talk in Christ the King church, Turners Cross, on this Tuesday 14th March at 8pm. His topic will be “Jesus in the Holy Land – what he saw and what we still can see.”
Fr. Jerome has lived and worked in the Holy Land for over 40 years. He is a frequent contributor to Radio and Television. The talk will be of particular interest to those who hope to travel to the Holy Land later in the year. Fr. Jerome has made a great recovery after his serious illness last Summer. He thanks all for their prayers and support.
All are welcome.

St. Patrick’s Day
Vigil Mass on Thursday 16th March at 6pm. Masses on Friday 17th at 9am, 10.30am & 12 noon.

St. Patrick, Patron of Ireland
Patrick first came to Ireland as a slave. His early years were spent as a herdsman. During that time he learned to pray. He discovered God’s great personal love for him. He was directed towards a ship that would bring him out of captivity to his native land (probably Britain). He began studies for the priesthood and, in a vision, heard the ‘voice of the Irish’ calling him to come and walk once more among them. He followed that call and returned to Ireland as a missionary, preaching and baptising all over the land. His Confessions reveal a man who was inspired by the gospel and passionate about preaching it. Within his lifetime conversions multiplied and missionaries began to continue in the spirit of Patrick. His influence in Ireland, mainland Europe, Australia and the Americas is incalculable.

Weekday Masses during Lent: 7.30am & 10am

Praying the Gospel
Does the Sunday Gospel Challenge You?
Living the Gospel
An opportunity to be enriched by the following Sunday’s Gospel is offered each Monday night  during Lent 7-30pm–8.45pm in the Parish Centre, Turners Cross. It will be led by Sr. Mary Dinneen

Mothers Day Sunday 26th March
The 12 noon Mass on Mothering Sunday will be a Shared Mass for all our Mothers. A special Card is available in the Parish Office after Mass today and during the week.

We remember in our prayers Mike Reilly, Friars Road, Kitty Kelleher, South Douglas Road, and Noel Moore, Greenhills Estate, who died during the week, and extend our sympathy to their families. May those who mourn them be comforted.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
Monthly meeting on Tuesday 14th March after the 10am Mass in the Parish Centre.

Have you got 4 hours a week to spare? Childline is looking for volunteers in its Cork Unit. No experience is necessary. We train you. For further information please contact Ciara on 4962949 or

Beginning Experience
is a weekend programme to help those who have lost a spouse through death, separation or divorce. It helps the bereaved move from the darkness of their grief into the light of a new beginning and move into the future with renewed hope.
The next residential weekend programme will take place in St. Dominic’s Retreat Centre, Ennismore, Montenotte, 21st—23rd April. If you are interested in participating in this weekend contact Kathleen at Family Ministry, 34 Paul St.  Phone 4275136.

Public Lecture
Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ. Speaker: Canon Don Bolen, Roman Catholic Co-Secretary of ARCIC – in St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral on Wed. 29th March at 8pm.

Mozart Concert
To celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the death of Mozart there will be a concert in Christ the King Church on Friday 31st March 2006 at 8pm. The proceeds will go to the Church Grounds Repair Fund.
Tickets are on sale in the Parish Office during the week.