February 26th 2006 – 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Lent begins — Ash Wednesday
Next Wednesday 1st March Ashes will be distributed at all Masses.
Mass Times on Ash Wednesday: 7.30, 10 am & 6 pm.
Ash Wednesday is a day of Fast & Abstinence.
Weekday Masses during Lent: 7.30am & 10am
(Please note extra Mass at 7.30am)

A Fresh Look at Lent
Below are 7 points about the season. Pick out some which you think are the most important. This will reveal to you a lot about the key elements in your own religious outlook.
1. At Mass the many references to baptism during these weeks of Lent encourage us to reflect more deeply on our own baptism and what it means.
2. The call to be generous with your money and time for the sake of those in real need helps us to break out of our self-centred lives. Take a Trócaire Box.
3. Ashes on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday remind us that our lives are short and that we must always be ready for death and judgement.
4. Mass each day 7.30am or 10am or as often as possible unites most closely with Jesus. A time of prayer. Get a “Walk with Me” prayer book. Come to the Parish Centre for Reflection on the Gospel every Monday night.
5. This season is a time for ‘putting to death’ all that is sinful in ourselves so that we may share in the life of the Risen Jesus at Easter.
6. ‘Giving up’ something like alcohol, sweets, TV –  trains us to control our desires and teaches us humility.
7. In our turning away from sin and to God, the Sacrament of Penance is a key moment, so confession should be part of our preparation for Easter.

“Walk with Me”
On sale this weekend, linked with the season of Lent, a little book ‘Walk with Me’, a Lenten Journey of Prayer — an ideal companion during the season of Lent. Daily meditations in simple and accessible style, a great way to encourage people to prepare for Easter. This is an excellent booklet. Cost €1. Available at the back of the Church.

Family Fast Boxes
Trócaire Family Fast Boxes are available at the back of the Church, and will also be distributed through the Primary Schools. Last Lent €9,000 was raised for Trócaire.

First Friday
Friday next 3rd March is the First Friday. There will be Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from after 10am Mass until 1pm.
Fr. Kerry will visit the Sick on Thursday & Friday.

We remember in our prayers Sr. Crissie O’Driscoll, Franciscan Sisters, Manchester, late of Douglas Rd., and Annie Kelly, Franconia, Evergreen Rd., who died recently and extend our sympathy to their families. May those who mourn them be comforted.

St. Finbarr’s South Parish Restoration Fund Concert
will be held in the South Parish Church, Dunbar St. on Friday 10th March at 8pm.
Performing are – City of Cork Male Voice Choir, Barrack St. Band, Louise O'Sullivan, Mezzo Soprano, Dave McGuire, Tenor. Narrator: Kevin Goggin. Tickets €15 can be obtained in our Parish Office here in Christ the King. Please support.

Parish Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
All places have now been filled for the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in September.

Ministers of the Word can collect their Rota for the coming weeks in the Sacristy after Mass.

Praying the Gospel
Does the Sunday Gospel Challenge You?
Living the Gospel
An opportunity to be enriched by the following Sunday’s
Gospel will be offered each Monday night 7-30–8.45pm
beginning Monday 27th Feb.
in the Parish Centre, Turners Cross
It will be led by Sr. Mary Dinneen

Fr. Prior Galus from Poland, the recently appointed Chaplain to the Polish Community in Cork, asked that we bring the following to the attention of the Polish people living in our Parish.
*  Mass in the Polish language is celebrated every Sunday in St. Augustine’s Church in Washington St., Cork, at 9.00am (starting on 5th March 2006) and also at 6pm. Confession before Mass.
*  I am available to celebrate Baptisms and Marriages in the Polish language in the parish church where a couple reside.
*  I am available to assist in completing Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Forms and any other documents.
*  A Pre-Marriage course in Polish will start on 5th March in St. Augustine’s Church, Washington St. at 4pm.

Catholic Papers
The Irish Catholic, The Voice, The Universe and the Catholic times are on sale at the back of the Church every week.

Turners Cross Gramophone Circle
Recital in the Parish Centre this Tuesday  7.45 pm
Presenter — Jo Casey

A Thought
‘Ash Wednesday marks the first day, or the start of the season of Lent, which begins 40 days prior to Easter.  Lent is a time when we prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline.
Lord,  Ash Wednesday traditionally marks the beginning of doing certain things or giving up something, creating an opportunity for all of us to come closer to you.  We have been through enough Lents to know that a complete change is never possible.  This Lent help me to take small, positive, creative and manageable steps that will bring me closer to you.