February 19th 2006 – 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Soul and Body
Were you or I faced with an obviously paralysed man lowered into your lap –
you wouldn’t have to be a genius to see what was wanted. So, what did Jesus
do? Well, he celebrated two miracles actually. He forgave sin and then
healed physically. There were probably many physical healers in Palestine at
the time, but none of them dared forgive sin. Only God speaks to our deepest
Sometimes healing of the spirit is necessary before physical healing can
occur. Jesus first offered the crippled man forgiveness of his sins. Layers
of roofing, then layers of guilt and negativity had to be stripped away
before Jesus ordered him to stand up, take up his stretcher and walk. It was
as if the physical healing came from the man’s own strength, newly released
after the healing of his inner self.
God is ever ready to forgive our sins. Our part is to prepare ourselves to
receive his mercy. Prayer and fasting are good remedies. But better still
are acts of kindness and generosity which cost us in money, time or
attitude. Charity covers a multitude.
Happy the person who considers the poor and the weak.
The Lord will save him in the day of evil. (Psalm)

Praying the Gospel
Does the Sunday Gospel Challenge You?
Living the Gospel
An opportunity to be enriched by the following Sunday’s
Gospel will be offered each Monday night 7.30–8.45pm
beginning Monday 27th Feb.
in the Parish Centre, Turners Cross
It will be led by Sr. Mary Dinneen

Parish Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
20th — 29th Sept.
As we go to print 40 people have given their names for the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (the maximum is 48).

Application forms and itinerary can be had in the Parish Office and should be returned as soon as possible to secure one’s place.

We fly direct from Cork to Tel Aviv. Pilgrims will stay in Jerusalem and Tiberias and will visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Cana, Mount Tabor, Mount Carmel, Garden of Gethsemane and many other holy places.

Fr. Kerry and Fr. Liam O’Regan, PP Douglas, will be with the group.

St. Finbarr’s South Parish Restoration Fund Concert
will be held in the South Parish church, Dunbar St. on Friday 10th March at
Performing are – City of Cork Male Voice Choir, Barrack St. Band, Louise
O'Sullivan, Mezzo Soprano, Dave McGuire, Tenor. Narrator: Kevin Goggin.
Tickets €15 can be obtained in our Parish Office here in Christ the King.
Please support.

Lunchtime Organ Recital
by our Parish Organist Pádraig Wallace in St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral this
Wed. 22nd Feb. at 1pm. Admission free. Retiring collection in aid of Irish
Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We remember in our prayers Annie Kelly Evergreen Rd. Liam Lynch late of St. Ann’s Park, and George Warner, late of Fr. Matthew Rd., who died recently and we extend our sympathy to their families. May those who mourn them be

Launch of Cork Branch of Arthritis Ireland & Arthritis Information Day
SMA Hall, Wilton, this Sat. 25th Feb. 11am — 4pm.
Admission free. ALL WELCOME.

Tramore Athletic Race Night
The Club are currently organising a Race Night for March 31st. Interested
sponsors can contact Der O’Callaghan on 086-2947832.

Best of Luck Nemo
in the all Ireland Club Semi-Final against St. Galls, the Ulster Champions,
in Portlaoise this Sunday 19th February.
Roll on St. Patrick’s Day in Croke Park!!!

Dates for your Diary
Feb. 27th    Boys First Confessions
March 1st    Ash Wednesday
March 9th    Girls First Confessions
March 14th    Talk in the Church by Fr. Jerome Murphy-O’Connor. His topic:
“Jesus in the Holy Land” – What he saw and what we still can see. Fr. Jerome
hopes to return to Jerusalem around Easter.
March 26th    Mothering Sunday
March 31st    Mozart Concert in the Church in aid of the Church Grounds
Repair Fund.
April 2nd    Mass for the First Anniversary of Pope John Paul’s death.
April 16th    Easter Sunday
May 6th    First Holy Communion Boys
May 20th    First Holy Communion Girls

Questions people ask
Q. Is there any particular reason why Jesus forgave the crippled man his
sins before he healed him?
A. In that story, the physical healing was a visible sign of the claim of
Jesus to the power of forgiving sins. Another reason is that, in many
instances, a physical ailment may have its origins in a spiritual, emotional
or mental problem. Healing of the spirit is then necessary before physical
healing can take effect. Notice how firmly Jesus spoke to the man: ‘I order
you: get up, pick up your stretcher and go off home’. Jesus wanted him to
face home in a new state of mind.
Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

A Thought
For some there is just never enough time and for others there seems to be
plenty of time. The secret to plenty of time seems to be prioritising what
needs to get done today and what can be pushed aside as irrelevant and
unimportant. So much time is wasted on the trivial and unnecessary. With a
bit of planning each day I can find time for the more essential things in
Lord, help me today to prioritise what’s really important and necessary.
Help me to realise that while other things may seem important and urgent,
they are in fact trivial and not worth the effort.