January 8th 2006 – The Baptism of the Lord

A New way of Living
Some years ago Fred (from Romania), an 11 year-old boy in fifth class waited for me in the school yard after I had visited the school. He needed to talk to me, he had a request. “I’d like to be baptised,” he said. “We were learning about Jesus’ baptism in class. The teacher asked the class who was baptised, and all the other kids raised their hands. I want to be baptised too.”
Using my best pastoral care tone of voice,! I said “Fred, do you really want to be baptised because everyone else is?” His freckles winked up at me and he replied, “No, I want to be baptised because it means I belong to God.” I was touched by his understanding. His smile turned to concern and he asked, “Do I have to be baptised in front of all those people in the church? Can’t I just have a friend baptise me in the river?” I asked where he came up with that idea. “Well, Jesus was baptised by his cousin John in a river, wasn’t he?”
I was caught off guard. “You have a point, but if a friend baptised you in the river, how would the Church recognise it?” We met with Fred’s parents and he was baptised some months later a the Easter Vigil. His teacher and many of his classmates were at his baptism. Fred was at our Mass here on Christmas Eve. He will be doing Junior Cert in June. He told me he prays and comes to Mass and in all sincerity he said, “I like being part of God’s family.” I felt the better of meeting Fred on Christmas Eve.
—  Fr. Kerry.

Thank You to the “Kids of Westview” who went Carol Singing before Christmas and made €73.60 for the Church Grounds Restoration Fund. Well done to the Kids of Westview!
Also, for an Anonymous Donation of £360 (€511.13). & €10
Many thanks to all concerned.

We remember in our prayers Mary McGrath,  O’Connell Ave., who died during the week, and extend our sympathy to her sister, brothers and family.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
The monthly meeting will be held in the Parish Centre on Tuesday 10th January after the 10 am Mass.

Cork Theology Forum
One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism
What does it mean to be Methodist, Catholic, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian?
Discussions: 4 Wednesday nights, January 18th – February 8th.
Times:      8.00 to 9.30 pm – followed by tea.
Night 1:    Laurence Graham and Vera Wellcome
Night 2:    Maggie Blackley and Cormac Breathnach
Night 3:    Helen Lovell and Robert Kingston
Night 4:    John Faris  and a member of Cork’s Presbyterian
The speakers will seek to share the riches of their tradition with other Christians.
Venue:    St. Dominic’s Retreat Centre, Ennismore.
Cost:    €5 per night or €15 for the four nights. All welcome.
Details and Booking: John Scanlan 431 6812. See notice at the back of the Church.

Thank You
Our sincere thanks to all who were part of the Christmas Ceremonies in Christ the King, to those who put up the Crib, who decorated the Altar so beautifully and those who gave poinsettia and pot plants. We thank you for your generous Christmas Offerings.

Active Retired Club, Care Centre, Capwell Rd.
Forthcoming Events for January 2006
Jan. 10th:    Exercise with Marie
Jan. 17th:    Journey through Life with Sr. Lelia Kerr
Jan. 24th:    Speaker from Guide Dong Association
Jan. 31st:    Night at The Everyman.
All are welcome.

Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa Tramore Rd., Cork
Introduction to Christian Theology, Spirituality for Living, Understanding Islam.
Night Courses starting 23rd January. Please ring the College for details: (021) 4961020.

A Thought
Our own baptism was a special occasion even though we may have no memories what so ever of it except for photos. 
Every Christian baptism today is celebrated with joy and the ceremony is full of beautiful meaning and symbolism.  Unfortunately we tend to see our Baptism as a once off event when in fact its effects have an impact on our own daily lives.
Our baptism and what we believe in,  gives our lives meaning and fulfillment and no one can take that away from us.
Lord, today is the feast of your baptism.  May I always nurture the gift of faith you have given me.  You have said that the smallest of seeds can make such a difference.  Help me to realize that my faith too can make all the difference.