Christmas Day 2005

A word from Fr. Kerry
The Lord has come; and yet He is still to come. He is in our midst but as a hidden God: God-in-the-womb. You and I are, as it were, pilgrims between here and eternity; people who still await God’s coming; people who keep Advent even at Christmastime. Let us have enough courage in Christ to speak of him with longing. In our longing for the Light, we show ourselves to be a dissatisfied people:  a people seeking forgiveness, and peace, and justice, and all those things that the world does not give. In our longing, in our patient hope, we know that Christ will be born among us. People will come to the light, drawn to us by our difference and by our joy. We have heard the Angel whisper to us. And that is why, even though we are on pilgrimage, and very aware of how far we still have to go before we are what we are called to be, nonetheless we are glad. As St. Paul says  –  Rejoice! Be happy at all times.
So in thanking you, and thanking God, for the many blessings of the past year in our Parish, I want to encourage you, to speak for the light wherever you go. A lit candle can have an extraordinary effect. In a window it beckons; on a table – over a meal – it draws people together; in a dark corridor it reassures and lights the way. Like John the Baptist, you are witnesses to that light. Carry it boldly, proudly, and fearlessly – carry it joyfully – into our Parish of Turner’s Cross. And know that the Lord is not far behind. He is with us. He will not fail us.
The light of the Crib radiates out to embrace the whole of our lives. Because God became one of us all is changed.  “Today a light has shone a saviour is born – he is Christ the Lord”.  May our hearts and our homes be filled with that light – the Peace and Joy of our Infant Saviour. Nollaig shona dibh uile.

Fr. Kerry Murphy-O'Connor

Christmas Hamper Draw.  Winner : Nan Healy, Doyle Rd.
Many thanks for supporting the draw (Card no1 line 18)
Our thanks to Duane’s Shop, The Horse Shoe Bar & Friars Rd P.O
for displaying the hamper

We remember in our prayers Kitty O'Neill, Doyle Rd. who died during the week and extend our sympathy to her family

Mass Times
26th Dec. St. Stephen’s Day
Mass at 11am.
For the remainder of the week Mass at the usual time 10am
Friday 30th Dec. Feast of the Holy Family
Sunday 1st Jan, Feast of Mary Mother of God – World Day of Peace