September 25th 2005 – 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Gospel — The Two Sons
The background to this reading is Jesus having a go at the chief priests and the Pharisees. Those who appear religious are not making progress in the eyes of God while sinners and the rejects in society are making massive progress.
This parable while deceptively simple is a strong condemnation of the religious leaders. The elder son, who cons his father by agreeing to work in the vineyard and doesn’t represents the Pharisees. The second son, who initially refuses to work and then thinks it over, regrets his decision and does work, represents the hated tax collectors and rejected prostitutes.
The story does not tell us why the son who initially said no, changed his mind. Sometimes we can also be negative around something, make a mistake and do something wrong. But it doesn’t have to remain like this always. We too can have the courage to change, leave the past behind and move forward with our lives as Jesus wants us to do. Those who are always saying yes and do nothing are highly condemned by Jesus. We are encouraged to be “yes” people but to do so with sincerity and conviction.

Collection for the Education of Priests
will be taken up at all Masses this weekend.
The proceeds of the Collection go to meet the cost of seminary fees at St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, and also contributes to post-graduate studies of priests for the Diocese. The Collection will be taken up after Holy Communion.

Gougane Sunday
This Sunday 25th September, Feast of St. Finbarr.
There is a long tradition of visiting Gougane Barra on the feast of St. Finbarr, the monk who is credited with establishing a monastery there, These are the details of the Annual Pilgrimage to Gougane Barra this Sunday:
2.15 pm:  Rosary.
2.30 pm:  Concelebrated Mass.
Chief Celebrant:  Bishop John Buckley.
Preacher:  Canon John O’Donovan, PP, Bantry.
Mass is celebrated at the entrance to St. Finbarr’s Oratory on the island in Gougane Barra.

Bishop announces deployment of two pastoral workers in Diocese
Two new people began work in our Diocese last Monday as part of the team established by Bishop Buckley to implement the Diocesan Pastoral Plan, “Pilgrim Steps” published last June. The Bishop announced that the Diocese has assigned extra funds to provide personnel for this work.
The two people: Sr. Karen Kent is an Ursuline Sister who has recently joined their Blackrock Community. She was born in England to Irish parents and worked in youth ministry in Birmingham before joining the Irish Ursulines in 1997. Since then, she has studied theology at Maynooth and recently completed an M.A. in theology. John McSweeney is a native of Kilmichael Parish. He previously worked in our Diocese as Coordinator of Parish Development. Since leaving that post three years ago, he has completed post-graduate studies in theology at the University of Limerick. John also previously worked with the Dublin Archdiocesan Parish Development and Renewal Office.
In line with the recommendations of “Pilgrim Steps”, the team’s initial focus will be on helping the 68 parishes of the Diocese to develop ways of involving the parishioners of the parishes in all aspects of life of the parishes. This includes further support for parish assemblies, parish pastoral councils, parish finance committees, parish liturgy groups and prayer groups.

We remember in our prayers Nora O’Brien, late of Doyle Road who has died and we extend our sympathy to her family.
We remember Bishop Cornelius Lucey who died 23 years ago today. May they rest in peace.

All Night Vigil Friday 30th September
will be held in South Presentation Convent Chapel, Douglas St. Starts at 10 pm with Adoration through the night. Mass at 10.30 pm. Concludes with Mass at 6.30 am.
All are welcome.

Stress Release:  One Day Retreat
St. Dominic’s, Ennismore, Montenottte, Sat. 8th Oct.
Cost: €20.  Tel. 4502520.

Dealing with Stress – healing the roots
An 8 week course – Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa, Tramore Road. Wednesdays 7  – 9.30 pm. Commencing 28 Sept. 4961020.

Turner’s Cross Gramophone Circle
Recital in the Parish Centre this Tuesday  7.45pm
Presenter — Tom Maher

A Thought
‘Not everything that is faced can be changed, but
nothing can be changed until it is faced.’ – James Baldwin
Everything in life is in a constant state of change. Even daylight is constantly changing particularly with wind and clouds. It is so true that not everything we want to change can be changed, but most importantly, nothing can change unless we face up to it. We are slow to face change because of a fear of the unknown. Not facing change is a safe place to be but not always the best place to be.
Lord, help me to change what I can in my life, especially those changes that are good, positive and rooted in your values.