September 18th 2005 – 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Gospel
If Jesus were to tell our parable today there would be uproar among the workers’ trade unions. There would likely be demonstrations on the streets and the newspapers would carry the title “Not Fair’ or maybe ‘Rip Off’. The parable is not intended to give moral guidance on labour management negotiations. But the parable does give an insight into envy . . . ‘Why be envious because I am generous?’.
In the parable we hear how the vineyard owner went out at dawn. Why so early we don’t know. Perhaps heavy rain was on the way that could threaten the crop. Back in the time of Jesus the workmen would gather at the gates of the town or in the market place prepared for any kind of work. They were in a buyer’s market, having to agree upon whatever conditions of work they could get.
This is where the parable gets interesting, because nothing could have prepared them for the injustice they felt was being done to some of them and how some were doing much better for far less work. The parable teaches us that everything God gives to us is something we can’t possibly earn or deserve. What God gives isn’t pay but a gift. God’s generosity knows no bounds. We need to be open to such generosity and also to be generous ourselves too not just with money, but with our time, our gifts and talents, our love, our commitments and our ability to make the difference in someone’s life.

Letter from Bishop Buckley
I am writing to you regarding the Special Collection which will be taken up on Sunday next 25th September for the Priesthood Education Fund.
The Priesthood Education Fund meets the cost of educating students for the Priesthood and on-going formation for priests. There has been a long tradition in the Church of priests specialising in certain areas e.g. Theology, Scripture, Church Law, for which they need further studies. At present there are three priests studying abroad.
Last year’s collection for the Education Fund amounted to €83,000. Each year we also receive donations and bequests. Last year these amounted to €25,000.
Because we have fewer students for the Priesthood than in former years, you may think that the collection does not need great support. In fact, the demands on the Fund are growing. The average cost of having a student in Maynooth last year was €19,000. That includes residential accommodation, tuition and formation.  We had five students in Maynooth last year. A subsidy from the St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society of €3,000 per student is most appreciated and this reduces the overall cost to the Diocese. We are delighted that we have one seminarian this year who has started his studies in Maynooth. However, the decline in vocations is one of the urgent challenges facing the Church in Ireland at this time. Priests and people throughout Cork & Ross are experiencing this reality at present.
I am asking you to continue prayer for vocations at Mass, in prayer groups, during Eucharistic devotions, and I ask you all to encourage the people to pray for this intention in their homes. Christ continues to call people, to make them his friends and to challenge them to give themselves completely for the sake of the Kingdom.
I thank you all for your generosity to this special collection each year.
Yours sincerely in Christ,
+ John Buckley,
Bishop of Cork & Ross.

Coffee Morning
The Community at Marymount Hospice thank those who organised the Coffee Morning last Thursday and all who came to support the event. €1,020 was raised for the Hospice.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
The monthly meeting will be held on this Thursday 20th. Sept. in the Parish Centre at 8 pm.

Cork Mended Hearts
(Surgical Heart Patients Association)
21st Annual Thanksgiving
and Remembrance Mass
Wednesday 12th Oct. 2005
Cork University Hospital at 7.30 pm
Celebrant: Fr. Bob Brophy.  Homily: Fr. James Good.  Soloist: Stephen O’Connor.

At Recovery Inc.
You will learn how to manage
Your local group meets at Capuchin Friary
Holy Trinity Church, Fr. Matthew Quay, Cork
Every Wednesday 7.45 pm
For more information call (01) 6260775
or write to Recovery Inc. PO Box 2210
Dublin 13

All Irelands
The best of luck to the Cork Comogie Team as they play Tipperary in the All Ireland Comogie final this Sunday.
Our congratulations to the Cork Hurling Team on their great win last Sunday. They did us proud. It was great to hear that Bishop Buckley will be inviting Pope Benedict to see us taking three in a row against . . . . . . on 10th Sept. 2006 !!!!!

How often we take for granted the power of an act of kindness or a good deed.  What might seem almost insignificant and hardly worth the effort, can in fact make the world of a difference.  We know the difference one candle can make in a dark room.  Today I can make a big difference by the smallest act of kindness I may do.
Lord, I sometimes don't appreciate what a difference my little actions can make.
You encouraged everyone to make small little steps through life rather than big massive ones.    My steps today can and will make a difference.