August 21st 2005 – 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time

Crucial Question
Who is he? The child that shared his first earthly space with animals. Who strayed from parents to teach in the Temple. Who is this young man who took his place in the Jordan with those who had sinned? Who is he who put himself out, so that others could get in? Who is he who replaced all the ancient and sacred laws with the single law of love? Who is the prophet who heard the cry of the poor? Who is this God who became like his people, who cried in pain and who wept in loneliness?
More personally. Who is he for you? When you look him in the eye, what do you see? Living with God as did his disciples leads inevitably to self-examination and to a deeper awareness of one's need for God. This is the desert of remorse, not chagrin over yesterday's mistake, but gasping agony over today's consequences. This is the land of doubt, where one is tempted to store manna for tomorrow. This is the land of decision, where the wounded traveller begs for help. This is the land of confession and denial.
After all Jesus built on people, not in mortar or stone. Not the most reliable person either, in the shape of Simon Peter. There’s hope for us all. So, who exactly is he for you?
Fr Tom Cox

Farewell Presentation to Fr. John O’Donovan
There will be a Parish presentation to Fr. John to mark his seven years of service to our parish.
Nemo Rangers Pavilion
Date:  Monday 5th Sept.    Time: 8pm
If you would like to be part of this presentation. You can give your contribution to your Dues area collector or hand in to the Priests House or Parish Office.
The final Lotto Draw will take place in Nemo Pavilion on the night of the presentation to Fr. John

Talk by Fr. Jerome Murphy-O'Connor O.P. is cancelled.
A talk scheduled for Christ the King Church,Turner's Cross  on Wed. August 31st by
Fr Jerome has had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

A thought  t
'Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another'
~ George Eliot

There can be many different types of influence ranging from weak to strong and from negative to positive/good. 
Perhaps we take for granted the influence we have on each other, particularly the good and positive. 
No matter how ordinary today may be, you will have a unique influence on someone, perhaps without even knowing it.

Lord, help me to believe in myself and particularly in my own good and positive influence on other people.

Lotto Results for 15th August 2005

Numbers drawn: 1, 5, 18, 23.
No Winner of Jackpot 
€35 CASH
M. O'Leary, I. Morrissey, S. Dennehy, M. Lynch.
Last week’s net “take”       €2,211
Last week's second collection  €1,181
Many thanks for supporting the Parish Lotto in aid of the Church Restoration Fund.  The final Lotto Draw will be on Mon. 5th Sept. 2005 in Nemo Rangers Pavilion.