August 14th 2005 – 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

World Youth Day in Cologne
Young people from Cork will join hundreds of thousands of young Catholics from around the world in welcoming Pope Benedict XVI to the German Cathedral City of Cologne. The Pope will arrive in Cologne by riverboat on 18 August on his first foreign trip. The week-long rally will close on 21 August with a huge outdoor Mass which will be concelebrated with the Pope.
World Youth Day is an extraordinary opportunity for thousands of young people to come together in a joint celebration of faith. It is surely providential that this year it should be in Germany, and that Pope Benedict is choosing the occasion for his first foreign trip and return to his native land. Pope Benedict said at his inauguration that ‘the Church is alive’. The Church is alive because it worships Jesus Christ. That is the theme of World Youth Day in Cologne, when young people will gather under the banner, ‘We have come to worship Him’. It promises to be a memorable occasion, and will be on TV.

Feast of the Assumption August 15th
Mass Times: Monday 10am, 12 noon and 6pm.
No 8am Mass.
Annual Devotions at Lee Road Shrine
will take place at the Shrine on this Monday at 7.30pm.
Bishop Buckley will be the chief concelebrant of the Mass. Fr. Kieran Twomey will preach the homily.

We remember in our prayers Catherine (Pansy) O’ Driscoll, Cross Douglas Rd. and Eileen Whelan, Windmill Rd., who died recently and we extend our sympathy to their families.

Farewell Presentation to Fr. John O’Donovan
As earlier announced, there will be a Parish presentation to Fr. John to mark his seven years of service to our parish.
Venue: Nemo Rangers Pavilion
Date:  Mon. 5th Sept. at 8pm
If you would like to be part of this presentation an envelope will be delivered to your home during the week. You can give your contribution to your Dues area collector or hand in to the Priest’s House or Parish Office. We would appreciate if the Dues Area Collectors would collect their envelopes after Mass today.
The final Lotto Draw will take place in Nemo Pavilion on the night of the presentation.

LOTTO DRAW August 8th
Numbers drawn:  4,  5  21,  27.
€35 CASH
O’Callaghan,  B. Allen,  M. Carey,  J. Coakley
Last week’s net “take”      €2,286
Last week’s second Collection      €1,233
Anonymous Donation    €300   

The final Lotto Draw will be on Monday 5th Sept. 2005 in Nemo Rangers Pavilion.