July 31st 2005 – 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Real Miracle
Over 5,000 fed in today’s Gospel with only five loaves and two fish. Truly a miracle. How did he do it? We don’t know and we can’t explain.
There may be times when we’re tempted to doubt it. After all, no such thing has ever taken lace before our eyes. We didn’t see Jesus walk on water, raise the dead.
Miracles aren’t part of our life experience. Or are they?
Consider this: if a dead man is raised to life all would jump up in astonishment. Yet every day babies are born and no one wonders. It is a greater thing by far to create life from nothing than to restore it.
Five thousand and more were fed – a wondrous miracle. Yet every day the grains of seed are multiplied in a fullness of crops, and no one wonders.
Lord, open our eyes to the daily miracles your love works in our midst.

Five loaves and two fish (Gospel)

At the Presentation of the Gifts, members of the congregation bring bread and wine to the altar in order that they may be offered to God in the Eucharist. This is an expression of our participation and of our readiness to give ourselves to God. In themselves the gifts are ordinary fruits of God’s creation. They show the poverty of what we have to bring to God’s transforming power.

There is nothing in bread and wine to make them worthy gifts to the Father, nor can they spiritually nourish us. Like the disciples, we can only hand them over to Christ. When he consecrates them through the priest, they become his body and blood, and hence an adequate sacrifice and true communion with the Father

A Thought
‘You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.’ – Gandhi
Last Thursday was a significant day in Ireland with the IRA formally calling all its members to lay down their arms and end their armed campaign that has lasted for thirty-five years.
Political leaders right across the world have hailed it as a ‘historical development’. Many people never gave up praying for peace even during the darkest of days. Today our prayer is one of thanksgiving and a continued prayer for peace right across our world.

Lord, we thank you for the good news of last Thursday which promises peace, harmony and an end to much pain and struggle.
We pray that people on every side will work to make peace lasting in Northern Ireland.
We pray also for peace and an end to terrorism in all the troubled parts of our world today.

We remember in our prayers Betty O’Callaghan, late of Fr. Matthew Rd., Sr. Angela Cooper of the Presentation Sisters who died during the week and Raymond Gamble, late of Derrynane Rd. who died in Canada. We extend our sympathy to their families and community. May they rest in peace.

LOTTO DRAW  July 25th
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Last week’s net “take”       €2,260
Last week’s second Collection       €1,165
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