July 24th 2005 – 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Worth Pursuing
What gives you joy in life? Family time together, buying a new car, boat, computer? Promotion or a wage increase? Helping someone in need? A win by your favourite team? Just what gives you joy? Or to put it another way, if God appeared to you in a dream and asked you to make one wish: what would you wish for? Your good health and the health of those you love? A loving spouse to walk with you through life, in good times and bad? Faith in God? Money and lots of it? (but only to help others of course!) What would you ask for? What is your heart’s desire? Would you feel guilty about your wish? Embarrassed? In today’s Gospel, we had two discoveries: one made of a treasure accidentally found, the second a pearl after a diligent search. In both instances, there was joy at the discovery. Both realised the value of their find. They were willing to pay the cost of retaining their treasure. Too many people focus on what they don’t have rather than appreciating what they already possess. The reign or Kingdom of God occurs when we understand that all that really matters is a gift which we have already received. Today we come, praying as did Solomon (first reading): Give me an understanding heart.   
Fr Tom Cox,  Email tomascox@eircom.net

to Geraldine Rea, Mercier Pk., who played on the Cork under 16 Girls Football Team who recently won the All Ireland final defeating Dublin.

We remember in our prayers Ita Mortell, late of Mercier Park, and Bro. Gerard Jones, formerly of Maiville, who have died, and we extend our sympathy to their families and community.

This weekend we welcome Fr. Denis Wilkinson of the Comboni Missionaries (Verona Fathers) who will be preaching at all Masses about their work and what missionary life is all about.

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