July 17th 2005 – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Flowers and Weeds

Today's Gospel is another example of Jesus using a parable in a most effective way. By using the example of the wheat and darnel he was using an image that was so familiar to the people who were listening. One of the best descriptions of a weed is that it is a flower in the wrong place. This is also gives us an insight as to why Jesus spoke this parable. Jesus came to replace darkness with light, despair with hope, sickness with health and hatred with peace. He also wanted to give everyone a fair chance and give them every opportunity of realizing their potential for growth and new beginnings. This also included people whom he described as darnel or weeds.
Every person has some crack or cracks. But it is into these cracks of brokenness that God pours his special love and care. Even those people that we would categorise as ‘weeds', their cracks are also poured with love and care by God. That is the main reason why the weeds are not pulled out. They are given every chance to change. God lovingly looks at each of us and sees so many possibilities. But it is only we who can make these possibilities happen. It is only we who can initiate change in our lives. It is only we who can get the ball rolling.

We remember in our prayers Ita Mortell late of Mercier Park who has died and extend our sympathy to her family.  May she rest in peace
Presentation to Fr. John
We hope to make a presentation to Fr. John in early September to mark his departure from the Parish. More details shortly.

As part of Mission Awareness in our Diocese The Comboni Missionaries (Verona Fathers) will visit our Parish and preach at all the Masses next weekend 23/24th July.

Thanks a Million
This week through our Parish Lotto €1 million has been collected for The Church Restoration Fund. Our thanks to all who worked hard and contributed to achieve this magnificent figure
7 weeks to go.
The final Lotto Draw will be on
Mon. 5th Sept. 2005

Numbers will be drawn until we have a winner(s)
Thank you again for your continued support

LOTTO DRAW July 11th
Numbers drawn:  18,  19,  20,  25.
€35 CASH
P. Dorgan, M. O’Sullivan, E. Linehan,  Mary


Last week’s net “take”       €2,039
Last week’s second Collection       €1,148
Anonymous Donations:    €200, €50, €20
Old money still welcome. Box at back of the Church
Lotto results on the Parish Website every Monday night.  www.turnerscross.com

Prayer after London acts of Terror

Lord, we bring before you
Those who have been killed
and wounded by acts of terror,

Those scarred in mind and body,
Those who live with loss,
Or with the memory of fear.

Be with them in their suffering.
Stand beside these victims
With your gentle arm around them
To support them and give them hope.

Bless those who mourn,
Especially those who grieve for
their children and loved ones;
And comfort them in  this darkest hour.

Renew our resolve
That goodness will prevail,
and our determination to preserve
All that we hold precious.

Turn the minds of those
Who seek their aims through terror
To grasp that all life is sacred.