June 26th 2005 – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hospitality – Welcome:
There is much to take from this Sunday's Gospel. Even the opening lines could be misunderstood. Jesus is certainly not putting our own families down but merely pointing out that our own natural families have strong ties and attachments. These should never be taken for granted but are never greater than God's own family. Whatever our family background, whatever our nationality or origin, we are first and foremost children of God.
Hospitality was huge in the time of Jesus. In the sacred tradition of Israel hospitality was regarded as one of the chief responsibilities of a caring people. As soon as Jesus is born, Matthew portrays him in the Gospel as the one who is born into a place where he is not accepted, he has no security and must be taken to Egypt for safety and shelter. Jesus depends on the hospitality of others to receive him and his team of disciples.  
The gospel reminds us of the importance of welcomes. Every welcome generates more good will and an openness to blessings. The cup of cold water could be translated into a smile of appreciation, an encouraging word, a much wanted letter, phone call, email or text. The Gospel reminds us that every small effort will receive a reward.
'If anyone gives so much as a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because they are a disciple, then I tell you solemnly, they will most certainly not lose their reward.'
Special Collection
The annual Peter’s Pence Collection will be taken up this weekend 25th/26th
June. The Collection is sent to Rome. It is used by the Pope to support
special charitable projects in developing countries as well as defraying
expenses of the work of the Church.

We remember in our prayers Eileen Crowley, Cross Douglas Road, who died on
Thursday, and we extend our sympathy to her family.

Turners Cross Gramophone Circle
Recital Tues. 26th June 7.45pm in the Parish Centre.
Last before Summer break. Presenter: Colette Buckley.

Community Games
Congratulations to those who have come through the Cork section and will be
heading for Mosney in August: Craig Harrington, Craig Murphy, Eric Murphy:
Marathon. Enda Dennehy, Barry Madden, Alan O’Brien, Jason Moloney: Boys
Relay. Emma O’Brien: 200 metres.

As we go to print, it has been announced that Fr. John O’Donovan has been
appointed Parish Priest of  Blackpool/The Glen. We congratulate him and wish
him well. He will be sadly missed in Turners Cross. We thank him for all he
has achieved while among us.

LOTTO DRAW June 20th
Numbers drawn:  6,  19,  21,  26.
€35 CASH
K. Murphy,   J. Nagle,   J. Carter,   O. Casey
Last week’s net “take”       €2,651
Last week’s second Collection       €1,270
Anonymous Donations:    €1,000, €100, €47
Old money still welcome. Box at back of the Church
Many thanks for supporting the Parish Lotto in aid of the Church Restoration