June 19th 2005 – 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel
is rather mysterious. It is about not being afraid. It is about things that are now covered up but will be open later. It is about light in the dark. It is about rumours and secret information. It is about those who kill and torture and imprison but who cannot kill the spirit. It is about birds falling from the sky but do not go unaccounted for. It is even about the number of hairs on our head.
It is about all of these but seems to zone in on giving witness, about being positive and a willing follower of Jesus.
Franklin Roosevelt, a former president of the U.S. once said, ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’ In this Gospel reading Jesus reminds us that our own sense of worth is strong enough to overcome our fear.
Jesus reminds us how much God cares for each one of us. He uses the example of a sparrow to explain. They were seen as worthless and were sold in the market place as food for the poor – two for a penny and five for two pennies. The fifth was thrown in for nothing. Yet Jesus says that not one falls to the ground without God knowing it. We are reminded not to be afraid because we are worth more than hundreds of sparrows.
There is a Zen saying that ‘We stand in our own shadow and wonder why it’s dark.’ Our Gospel invites us out from our own  shadows, invites us to believe in ourselves and in our own worth. It’s the greatest witness we can give.

Mid-Summer Concert
By popular demand International Soprano Majella Cullagh returns to Turners Cross for a Mid-Summer Concert on 23rd June.

She will be joined by Scottish Tenor Iain Paton, The Eudoxa Quartet and the Voices of Cork 2005 Choir.

Proceeds in aid of Church Restoration Fund
Tickets €20 available from Parish Office after Mass and during the week. Also from Veritas and Pro Musica.

The Concert will start at 8pm sharp. Parking will be available in grounds of Girls and Boys Primary Schools, Evergreen Rd. Parking for invalids only in Church grounds.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
Annual Pilgrimage to Knock Saturday next 25th June.
Bus from Girls School, Evergreen Rd. 7am sharp.
Bus €22. Enquiries/Bookings: Phone Irene 4963326.

Special Collection
The Annual Peter’s Pence Collection will be taken up next weekend 25th/26th June. The Collection will be sent to Rome. It is used by the Pope to support special charitable projects in developing countries as well as defraying expenses of the work of the Church.

Mass Notice
For the Summer months from this Monday 20th June there will be no 8 am Mass. It will resume in September. 10 am Mass as usual on weekdays. Confessions Saturday after 10 am and 6 pm Masses.

Spirituality of Everyday Life
This gentle retreat guides you to a deeper hunger for peace and healing – drawing from the writings of St. Thérèse, the mystics and the wisdom of modern psychology.
Retreat director: Martina Lehane (Author of the nationally acclaimed “Shower of Roses”).
July 17-23 St. Dominic’s, Ennismore, Cork.
August 4-11 Myross Wood Retreat House, Leap, Co. Cork.
Further information 087 2439302.

Summer Youth Festival at Knock
Summer Prayer Festival for Young People aged 15–35 takes place at Knock Shrine, Co. Mayo, 28th–31st July.
An opportunity not to be missed to experience the Catholic Faith.
The Theme is “I want to lavish my love on you.”
Contact Ann at 094 9388100 (office hours) for information and bookings.
No charge – donations only. Special buses available from some locations.
See poster at back of the Church.
Website: www.youth2000.ie

LOTTO DRAW June 13th
Numbers drawn:  7,  8,  19,  22.
€3,275 Jackpot Winner: A. Brosnan
Our congratulations to the Winner
€35 CASH
B. Isaac,  G. Manning,  B. & R. Jones,  L. Desmond
THIS WEEK’S JACKPOT :      €1,000
Last week’s net “take”      €2,177
Last week’s second Collection      €1,130
Many thanks for supporting the Parish Lotto in aid of the Church Restoration

A Thought  (Fr. James McSweeney)
It is said that sheep may get lost simply by nibbling away at grass and never looking up. That can be true for any of us. ‘We can focus so much on what is immediately before us that we fail to see life in larger perspective’  – Donald Bittsberger.
We have so much to do and so many deadlines that it’s possible to have our heads down without ever looking up. 
Lord, help me today to lift my head and see the bigger picture.  What we are doing each day is important but it’s not worth it if we lose out on family, friends, time for ourselves, the beauty of nature and so on.