April 17th 2005 – Good Shepard Sunday

World Day of Prayer for Vocations
It’s Vocations Sunday again. The decline in vocations to the priesthood and
religious life is one of the most urgent problems facing the Church in many
countries today. People still want to hear the message of hope and need to
see God’s care take human form in caring priests.
In our Diocese of Cork & Ross we are experiencing a shortage of priests. The
high ratio of priests to people cannot be maintained.
There was a positive response to the Priesthood Information Day held
recently in Ennismore. Nine prospective candidates attended. They found the
day to be most helpful and informative. Their level of maturity and interest
in the priesthood was impressive. It confirmed to all that there are people
throughout the Diocese who may have a vocation and are open to it.
Our late Holy Father Pope John Paul said: “There is an urgent need,
especially nowadays, for a more widespread and deeply felt conviction that
all members of the Church, without exception, have a serious responsibility
to look after vocations.”
Vocations promotion is everybody’s business.

The Election of a Pope
The Cardinals gather in St. Peter’s on this Monday morning for Mass. In the
afternoon they go to the Sistine Chapel, where the voting takes place. There
are 117 Cardinal electors (though two are not participating in the conclave
for reasons of health) and represent 52 countries. The Master of Ceremonies
and the others leave the Sistine Chapel, the doors are closed and the
Conclave begins. The Cardinals take an oath promising secrecy. The oath
forbids them to communicate with anyone not involved in the election, or
even to disclose details of the votes when the election is over.
One ballot is held on the Monday evening. If the first ballot does not
produce a result, there are two ballots each morning and each afternoon
until a result is declared. A simple two-thirds majority (or two-thirds plus
one if the number is not exactly divisible) is required. The names are
counted and if a name has received two-thirds of the votes, the Pope has
been elected. White smoke will come from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel.
After three days of unsuccessful voting, the procedure is suspended for a
day to give time for prayer, reflection and informal discussions.
The New Pope
The successful candidate is then asked by the Dean of the College of
Cardinals, “Do you accept your election as Supreme Pontiff?” When he gives
his agreement he is then asked what name he will choose as Pope. This
agreement and choice is then signed and he immediately becomes Bishop of
Rome. The Cardinals pay him their respects and the Cardinal Deacon goes to
the balcony over the main door of St. Peter’s to announce the result of the
election to the people gathered in St. Peter’s Square and to the world.

Prayer for the Election of a new Pope
Heavenly Father, we praise and we thank you for your goodness and kindness
to us, Guide now the Cardinals as they gather in Rome to choose a successor
to Pope John Paul ll. In your mercy, give us a loving shepherd who will
reflect Christ’s love for us. May he, by words and example, inspire all
people and bring us to the joy of everlasting life.  Amen.

Mass will be offered this Monday 18th April at 10am for the Cardinals as the
Conclave to elect a new Pope begins.

Book of Condolences
has been sent to the Pope’s representative, His Excellency Most Reverend Dr.
Giuseppe Lazarotto, at the Apostolic Nunciature in Dublin.

Capital Of Culture Event
The City Library will stay open for 24 hours next weekend 22/23 April.
Through the night a full programme of events is planned with music, song and
Admission is free. Tea & coffee will be available.

Catholic Papers
Irish Catholic 80c.
The Universe €1.50.
Catholic Times €1.35, and
The Voice €1.

Pope John Paul ll — A Life Remembered
On sale now — €6. Heartily recommended.

122 young people from our parish schools will receive the Sacrament of
Confirmation on Tuesday next 19th April at 10.30am. We extend a warm welcome
to Bishop Buckley who will lead us in the ceremony.
As the young people leave the Church on this special day, we hope that they
will be strengthened by the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and that they will set
a positive example as members of the Christian Community. We wish all those
to be confirmed and their families a lovely day on Tuesday.
Masses on Tuesday 8am and 9.30am. No Mass at 10am.

LOTTO DRAW April 11th
Numbers drawn:  8,  20,  24,  27.
€35 CASH
H. Fleming,  P. Ó Dálaigh,  M. Sheehan,  J. Cotter
Last week’s net “take”       €2,465
Last week’s second Collection       €1,430
Many thanks for supporting the Parish Lotto in aid of the Church Restoration