February 13th 2005 – 1st Sunday of Lent

When we received the ashes on our foreheads last Wednesday, one of the accompanying prayers reminds us that we are dust and that into dust we shall return. Lent is a time for honesty. We may sometimes live as if death were far away, but the ashes remind us that we are mortal. Though the human race is special because it bears the image of the living God, nevertheless, this should never blind us to the fact that each person is of the earth, and must one day die and be returned to the earth.
The sensible realism of the Lenten ashes is not the full story, however. For the forty days of Lent lead to the great feast of Easter. This is when God raises Jesus from death to a new life. It is also the day when we commemorate our insertion, through baptism, into this new risen life. We are therefore enabled to accept our frail, mortal nature.

Christ the King Church Restoration Fund

February 18th 2005

Cara O’Sullivan, Soprano
Anthony Mee, Tenor
Barrack St. Band
Christ the King Church Choir

Tickets on sale in the Parish Office this coming week €20.
Also on sale in Veritas, Carey’s Lane & Pro Musica, Oliver Plunkett St.

No parking in Church grounds except for invalids. Parking available in Girls Primary School, Evergreen Rd.

A Trócaire Lenten Thought
When Christ went to prepare himself for what was to come, he chose a dry desert place without river or water. As we enter the Lenten season the Trócaire Lenten Campaign asks us to stand by those who live in such barren desert places. At a time when we recently responded so generously  to those victims of such a torrent of water in Asia, we are also asked to reach out to those in places deficient of the water we all need to live. Remember — the tiniest ripple of compassion can reach the farthest shores. Trócaire Boxes are available at the back of the Church.

Lenten Masses
Weekday Masses at 7.30 am & 10 am.

This Thursday, 17th February, at 8 pm sharp in Nemo Rangers Pavilion. Four per table.

Christ the King Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Sat. 11th June —
Thurs. 16th June 2005.

Accomodation: Hotel Solitude
(short walk from Grotto)

Our Parish will be a group within the Cork & Ross Diocesan Pilgrimage. 

Cost: €619 per person. Booking forms can be obtained at the Parish Office or from the Turners Cross Credit Union.

Two payments, the first to secure your place (€100) to be paid at the Credit Union by 1st March, the remainder by 29th April. Reserve your place by March 1st.

Dates for your Diary 2005
First Confessions Boys:  1st March
First Confessions Girls:  9th March
City of Culture 2005 Music Days 5/6 March
(more details next week)
Passion Play Mon. 21st March Pupils of Douglas Community School.
Holy Week 20th — 27th March
Parish Confirmation:  Tuesday 19th April
First Holy Communion Boys: Saturday 7th May
First Holy Communion Girls:  Saturday 14th May
Corpus Christi Sunday 29th May: Eucharistic Procession
Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes:  11th — 16th June
October 8th: The Irish Sopranos and Garda Band
November 26th: (Sat)  ‘Capital of Culture 2005 Messiah’
performed by the East Cork Choral Society & Seafield Singers from Dublin and the East Cork Orchestra.

We remember in our prayers
Tim Kennedy, late of O’Connell Court, and Elizabeth O’Neill, late of Curragh Road, who died recently, and we extend our sympathy to their families.

Parish Visitation
Fr. Kerry will visit Green Lawn.
Fr. John will visit Cross Douglas Road.

LOTTO DRAW Febr. 7th
Numbers drawn:  2,  19,  25,  26.
€35 CASH
M. Mehigan,   J. Lynch,  J. Nealon,   O’Callaghan
Last week’s net “take”       €2,570
Anonymous Donations:    €2,000,  €75   
Old Money welcome. Box at back of the Church