January 9th 2005 – The Baptism of the Lord

Acting Your Age
The call came from a newly married couple to the parish. Could they book baptism for their daughter? When the priest asked them what time and date they wished, there were some confused minutes before it emerged that:
A)  They wanted their child baptised with people gathered — and other parents and babies if possible, and:
B)  They felt this would help them in making friends in this new Christian community.
‘Yes’ it happened and ‘No’ the parents were not Irish.
Finishing the call, the priest wondered, where had his own vision gone? They were right, he was wrong.
It does seem that by Irish standards, whatever about personal faith, baptism is still an instinctive request by parents. All the better if it takes place alone as a family. Right? Wrong!
Through your growing years, you may have been told to ‘act your age’. How’s the light of faith for you? Embers, flickering or aflame? Baptism is for grown-ups. Everyone prepares except baby.
After all, baptism is a day of generosity, hope, laughter and sharing. The child is drenched with Christ, not a trickle of water. Drenched! What could be more natural than to ‘share the feeling’ as the Special Olympics of 2003 put it.
The baptism of the Lord is the first Mystery of Light after all. The least we can do is reflect that light and pass it on.

Indian Ocean Disaster Appeal
There has been a magnificent response to the Church Collection taken up last weekend in Christ the King Church in aid of the Indian Ocean Disaster Fund. As we go to print, €17,035.00 has come in. Our sincere thanks to all who contributed.
The money collected is being channelled through Trócaire to the countries that need it most.
As a parish we send our heartfelt condolence and deep sympathy to all those who have lost their loved ones, their homes, their all. We grieve with them and we share their pain. Please remember all the people who have been afflicted by this disaster. Pray that efforts for rescue, relief and re-habitation can be properly co-ordinated and effectively carried out so that all peoples, lands and nations afflicted may speedily recover and be healed.
We do not always understand everything that happens in this world. However, we do know that our God wants us to love and to share. In Him we trust.

Thank You
Our sincere thanks to all who were part of the Christmas Ceremonies in Christ the King. Frs. Kerry & John thank you for your generous Christmas Offerings.

We extend our sympathy to the families of Peggy Geary, Murphy’s Gardens, Pádraig Ó Ceallacháin, Mt. Pleasant Road and Peggy O’Leary, Greenhills Court, who died during the week. May they rest in peace.

Spring Concert
February 18th: Cara O’Sullivan, Anthony Mee, Tenor, Barrack St. Band and Christ the King Church Choir. More details later.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
Monthly meeting Parish Centre Tues. 11th Jan. at 8 pm.

Numbers drawn:  9,  20,  21,  25.
€35 CASH
M. Ryder,  D. Dennehy,  B. O’Mahony,  Lynda
NEXT JACKPOT Mon.10th Jan.  €1,975
Last week’s net “take”      €2,719
Anonymous Donation    €20
Old Money still welcome for the Restoration Fund. Box at the back of the Church.
The Lotto Draw takes place in the Parish Centre every Monday at 7.30 pm. Results on the Parish Website www.turnerscross.com.