January 2nd 2005 – 2nd Sunday after Christmas

Indian Ocean Disaster
As we are only too aware an extra-ordinary tragic disaster of unprecedented magnitude hit the countries of South East Asia and the surrounding areas the day after Christmas. At this moment, News Reports and broadcasting Networks, locally and around the world, estimat the death toll to have surged past 130,000 with many more still missing and millions of people displaced.
As a parish we send our heartfelt condolence and deep sympathy to all those who have lost their loved ones, their homes, their all. We  grieve with them and we share their pain.
With such a devastating tragedy we cannot keep silent. We turn to our  merciful God in prayer. Please remember all the people who have been afflicted by this disaster. Pray that efforts for rescue, relief and re- habitation can be properly coordinated and effectively carried out so that all peoples, lands and nations afflicted may  speedily recover and be healed.
As a Parish Community here in Turner’s Cross we would like to offer practical help. There will be a second collection at all our Masses this weekend. With the short notice you may have come unprepared  you can hand in your contribution to one of the priests before Wednesday. The money collected will be channelled through Trocaire to the countries that need it most.
We do not always understand everything that happens in this world. However, we know that our God  wants us to love and to share. In Him we trust.
May the Lord bless us all!
  The 10.30 am Mass this Sunday will be offered for those who have died and who are suffering. 

Feast of the Epiphany: January 6th
Mass Times: Vigil Mass Wed. 5th Jan at 6pm.
Thurs. 6th Jan.: 8, 10, 12
The 8 am weekday Mass will resume on Mon.10th Jan

The LOTTO DRAW will be on this Tuesday 4th Jan.
at 7.30 pm in the Parish Centre.

2005 Cork City European Capital of Culture
The official ceremonies marking the launch of the year begin in the heart of the City on Sat. 8th Jan. culminating in the late afternoon with 15 minutes of fireworks at 5.45pm. The ringing of the Angelus bells at 6pm, followed by continued ringing of all  the church bells  of the City for another 10 minutes. RTE, SKY and the international channels will be carrying all this live, including the opening segment of the news on RTE1 TV

Thank You
Our sincere thanks to all who were part of the Christmas Ceremonies in Christ the King. Frs. Kerry & John thank you for your generous Christmas Offerings, and wish you all health and happiness in 2005

Because the maker of us all
lay with the cattle in the stall,
because the great comes to the small,
I thank my God.