October 10th 2004 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Attitude of Gratitude
Along with ‘take your bath’ — ‘say thanks’ must be in every mother’s relentless repertoire. We do need reminders to be grateful and yet while gratitude is beautiful — it is so rarely done. Why? Because the act of gratitude implies dependency and belonging. Still the 1 in 10 response that Jesus got would disappoint anyone. Why did the other nine not return and give thanks? Maybe they were like this:
1. The first leper always followed the letter of the law. Jesus said he should go to the priest. So he would do just that and nothing more.
2. Going through an identity crisis. He’d been a leper so long. What would he do now? How would he cope? He was so preoccupied with the change he forgot.
3. This one believed that you are supposed to work for what you get, yet he hadn’t worked for this and so couldn’t handle the situation.
4. One became delirious with happiness.
5. May have become bitter in the past because he was driven to become a beggar. He vowed he would never say thank you to anyone.
6. He was a family man: anxious and eager to get back to his family, to hold his wife and hug his children.
7. Sceptic — doubted whether Jesus really has anything to do with it. After all, he hadn’t been healed in Jesus’ presence. Maybe it was something in the air that day.
8. So excited and just had to tell everyone about this Jesus.
9. Said — I’ll give thanks tomorrow.
Which leper are you?

Liam Lawton
will be in concert here in the Church of Christ the King on Friday 29th October at 8 pm.
A special night is in store for all. Many of you will remember his sell-out concert last year.
“Liam’s lyrics are inspired and poetic, yet spirit-filled melodies are what stir the soul.”
“Liam Lawton will draw any listener into a reflective and calm space, without losing the vitality of the Celtic tradition of music making.”
Tickets for the Concert are on sale in the Parish Office after Mass today and during the week. Veritas, Carey's Lane & Pro Musica, Oliver Plunkett St.  €20.

Liam Lawton

The Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls begins on 2nd November and continues until 10th Nov.
Envelopes for those who wish to have their Dead remembered in the Novena are available at the back of the Church.

The 26th Annual Mass for Industrial Peace, Job Creation and Social Justice will be celebrated in St. Mary’s Church, Pope’s Quay, on Sunday next 17th October at 4.00 p.m.
The special preacher will be Fr. Brian O’Toole CSSp Dublin of the Holy Ghost Provincialate.

Divine Mercy
A Handbook of Devotion to Divine Mercy and Leaflets are available in the Parish Office.

Life is for Living
A Pastoral Letter from the Bishops – A Reflection on Suicide.
Copies available in the Parish Office after Mass.

St Joseph’s Young Priests Society
The Society was founded in 1895. Notwithstanding the title, it is a lay society which promotes vocations to the priesthood by prayer, and helps financially those in need who respond to the call of Christ at home and overseas. Last year the members of the Society in our Parish collected €7,542.50.
The responsibility for vocations does not lie primarily on the shoulders of a few, but on the whole Christian community. The vocation apostolate is central to the whole life of the Church. Recently a young man began his studies for the priesthood in our Diocese.
We are blessed to have in our Parish a branch of St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society. They will hold their AGM in the Parish Centre on Tuesday next 12th October. Before the meeting there will be Mass in the Parish Centre at 7.30 pm.

Parish Visitation
Fr. Kerry will visit Hollyville and Beaufort Park.

Day Care Centre, Capwell Road
Now open — Monday to Friday
For further information please contact Kathleen on 4323435, or contact your public health nurse.

Numbers drawn:  9,  23,  24,  27.
€35 CASH
J. O’Leary,  “Lucky Us”,  D. Reid,  V. O’Meara
Last week’s net “take”      €2,776
The Old Money is still welcome for the Restoration Fund. Box at back of the Church.