March 21st 2004 – 4th Sunday of Lent

Mothers Day
On this Laetare Sunday – `Joyful Sunday’ – we wish all Mothersa happy day. The 12 noon Mass will be offered for all mothers, living and dead.

Easter Triduum
A Triduum of Masses begins on Easter Sunday. Truduum Cards are available in the Parish Office during the week.

Legion of Mary Annual Consecration Ceremony
St. Joseph’s Church, African Missions, Blackrock Rd. at 3 pm this Sunday 21st March. All Auxiliary Members are invited to come. Further information at Legion meeting in the Parish Centre every Monday night at 8.15 pm.

Parish Visitation
Fr. John will visit Greenhills
Fr. Kerry will visit St. Patrick’s Road.

Partnership and Collaboration
The New Signposts
When we are in a strange area or trying to find the right road to travel on, we look at a map or usually we try to follow the signposts, even though the signposts aren’t always clearly visible. When we find the right signpost, we relax and are more comfortable as we journey onwards, confident that we’ll reach our destination.
As a Church we have followed a certain path for so long that finding a new direction can be disconcerting and difficult to say the least. Looking out for new signposts which send us in a new direction isn’t easy. But if we travel that road together in a spirit of true partnership, trying to work together in a real way, truly collaborating, then we can support each other on the journey.
Our journey is one of development and growth. Surely Faith Development is a priority for all of us. Gone are the certainties and we find that we have to constantly grow in faith, trust, in knowledge, and in this way to come closer to the Lord. Sunday Mass, while nourishing us, can only do so much.
This Tuesday, 23rd March, in the Hall of The Girls Primary School, Evergreen Road, at 8 pm we begin to look for those new signposts. With the help of our own facilitator, a parishioner, Br. Patrick Fitzgibbon, we will be asking ourselves how better we can work together to realise that our Parish and our Diocese is more than just attending Mass on Sunday and that we share a responsibility together. All homes in the Parish should by now have received a copy of the Diocesan Draft Pastoral Strategy. If not, copies are available at the back of the Church today.
With God’s help and the knowledge that his Presence is always with us, supporting and guiding us, we will discover and follow the New Signposts, and in Partnership, Collaborating together, we will move forward as a Parish and as a Diocese.
— Fr. Kerry & Fr. John.

“Let your voice be heard”
An Open Parish Meeting
to discuss issues raised in the Draft Document
produced by the Diocesan Pastoral Strategy Group
delivered to all your houses.
All members of Turners Cross Parish are invited to
Girls Primary School Hall, Evergreen Road
Tuesday 23rd March at 8 pm.

141 young people from our parish schools will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on this Tuesday 23rd March at 10.30 am. We extend a warm welcome to Bishop Buckley who will lead us in the ceremony.
As we leave the Church on this special day, we hope that the candidates will be strengthened by the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and that these young people will set a positive example as members of the Christian Community. We wish all those to be confirmed and their families a lovely day on Tuesday.

A Million Voices — One Peace
On Sat, next at 12 noon in Christ the King Church Gemma
(Filipino-American composer/performer) will begin her world tour to unite a million voices from all corners of the world – at the same time. It will happen on Sept. 21st 2004, U.N.’s International Day of Peace & Global Cease-fire Day.
Come along on Saturday next 27th March at 12 noon — no singing skills required — All are welcome.
More details: or 087 – 9008654.

LOTTO DRAW March 15th
Numbers drawnL 10, 14, 15, 25.
€35 CASH
P. O’Sullivan, A. Connolly, B. O’Neill, D. O’Sullivan
Last week’s net “take” €2,756
Last week’s second Collection €1,355
Anonymous Donation €100
Old Money still welcome for the Restoration Fund. Box at the back of the Church.