March 7th 2004 – 2nd Sunday of Lent

Planning the Future Together
Wouldn’t it be great if we knew how things would work out in the end? Life isn’t like that, is it? Even the Church has to face the future with a lot of uncertainty. However, with trust in God, everything WILL work out well in the end.
We live in uncertain and changing times. A large population, a choice of which church I will worship in, making the choice to get to church or not. But will the Church I know always be able to provide that same choice and variety of choice? The stark reality is maybe not for too much longer.
It was facing this fact, and an ever-decreasing number of priests to serve the ever-increasing population of the Diocese that Bishop Buckley began a process to plan the way forward in May 2003. At that time he appointed a number of priests and lay people to the Diocesan Pastoral Strategy Group.
They began their work by inviting each parish to send some people to various consultative meetings as well as holding meetings with the priests. The Group also received submissions from the Religious Orders and from others. They have now put the gathered information into a Draft Report, which needs further and more widespread involvement of the people of the Diocese of Cork & Ross.
Each parish will hold an open meeting of the Faithful by the end of March at which people will be invited to discuss some questions that have arisen. We in Turners Cross Parish are planning our meeting for:
Tuesday 23rd March at 8 pm in the Girls Primary
School Hall, Evergreen Road.
Your presence and input is important. Your opinion counts, as we plan together the future for our Diocese — which will after all ultimately affect our Parish.
Fr. Kerry & Fr. John.

“Let your voice be heard”
An Open Parish Meeting
to discuss issues raised in the Draft Document
produced by the Diocesan Pastoral Strategy Group
All adult members of Turners Cross Parish
including parishioners who are not regular
churchgoers are invited to
Girls Primary School Hall, Evergreen Road
Tuesday 23rd March at 8 pm.

Mothers Day — Sunday 21st March
The 12 noon Mass on that day will be offered for all our mothers, living or dead. It will be a shared Mass.
Special Cards are available in the Parish Office.

Ministers of the Eucharist
can collect their Rotas for the coming Weeks in the Sacristy.

We remember in our prayers those who died this week:
Mona Nyhan, St. Joseph’s, Derrynane Rd.,
James McDermott, Fr. Matthew Rd.
Dolly Harrington, Palaceanne Court,
…and extend our sympathy to their families.

Morning Mass
The Lenten morning Masses at 7.30 am & 10 am.
It’s great to see the big numbers at the Masses.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
Monthly meeting in the Parish Centre on Tuesday 10th March at 8 pm.

Parish Visitation
Fr. John will visit Ashdale Park
Fr. Kerry will visit Greenlawn and Murphy’s Gardens.

Listening, discussing, praying and reflecting
about becoming a priest in Cork & Ross
Date: Saturday April 3rd 2004.
Venue: Ennismore Retreat Centre, Cork
Time: 11 am — 5 pm.
Cost: Free
Should you attend? What if you can’t that day?
Want to find out more?
In confidence, phone Fr. Aidan O’Driscoll at 4303015
9am—3pm or Fr. Bertire O’Mahony at 4371684, or

Sponsored Parish Walk
in aid of the Church Restoration Fund
Turners Cross to the Lough
Sunday 28th March at 2 pm
Sponsorship Cards available from the Parish Office or the Sacristy.

Spring Concert
Income – €19,652 / Expenses – €7,420
Net Income – €12,232
Our thanks to all who supported and helped to organise the event.
Next Concert: Thursday 13th May with the Celtic Tenors.

Easter Triduum
Easter Triduum Cards are available in the Parish Office.
The Triduum of Masses will begin on Easter Sunday.

LOTTO DRAW March 1st.
Numbers drawn: 1, 9, 15, 16.
Congratulations to Denis Cronin
on winning the Jackpot: €1,000
€35 CASH
E. Whelan, V. Maher, O’Connor’s, F. Walsh
Last week’s net “take” €2,790
Last week’s second Collection €1,240
Anonymous Donations: €40, €20
Old Money still welcome for the Restoration Fund. Box at the back of the Church.