December 21st 2003 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

Christmas Penitential Services and
Confession Times:

After 6 pm, 9 am, 10.30 am and 12 noon Masses.
A number of priests will be available for Confessions.
Mon. 22nd, Tues. 23rd, Wedn. 24th after 10 am Masses.
Wedn. 24th (Christmas Eve) 12 noon — 1 pm.
5 pm — 6 pm and after 6 pm Mass.

Mass Times
Wedn 24th Dec. (Christmas Eve)
Mass 6 pm (The O’Connor Family will lead us in the
singing of carols).
10 pm. First Mass of Christmas & Blessing of Crib.
Thurs. 25th (Christmas Day) 9 am.
10.30 am (Children’s Mass). 12 noon.
Frid. 26th (St. Stephen’s Day) Mass at 11 am. At this
Mass we will be praying for all those away from home. No Mass at 10 am.
Sat. 27th. Mass at 11 am. No Mass at 10 am.

Sacrament of Reconciliation
We come together in faith as a community to celebrate God’s forgiveness. None of us is without sin. We are all in need of forgiveness. God knows that deep down in our hearts we want to turn back to him.
There is no sin beyond the power of God’s forgiveness. God offers us this most wonderful gift, that is, the assurance that no matter how big our sins are, no matter how far we have strayed away from his way, his forgiveness is there for us all.
Have you noticed the famous Rembrant painting in the sanctuary: the Father welcoming home the Prodigal Son? That is how God will welcome us.
Examination of Conscience
Have I kept in touch with God,
by praying regularly and going to Mass?
Have I fallen out with anyone, have I kept up resentment, hatred, for them? Am I bitter and unforgiving towards anyone? Did I try to make it up?
Am I jealous and envious of others?
Do I gossip and injure others’ good name?
Am I sensitive to the needs of every member of my family? Am I concerned for others in need? Would I put myself out for them?
Am I faithful to my commitments?
Am I sexually disciplined? Responsible? or Selfish?
Do I respect others? Have I used others selfishly? or Irresponsibly?
Is justice important to me?
Am I honest? Truthful?
Have I squandered money badly needed at home on drink or gambling or drugs? Or wasted it in other ways?
Have I been slothful or lazy?
A few practical words about the actual Confession:
Most of you are probably familiar with the procedure for this Communal Reconciliation Service —
1) All you need to say to the priest when you approach for Confession is:
I am sorry for all my sins, especially for . . . .
2) Then you tell your own story simply, in the best way you can.
If it’s hard to put words on your sins simply say:
I am sorry for all my sins
and I ask for God’s Forgiveness.
Be prepared to leave all your sins with the Lord and promise him that you will turn over a new leaf.

Parish Christmas Cards & Triduum Mass Cards
are available in the Parish Office.
Times of Triduum Masses: Tuesday 23rd Dec. 10 am
Wednesday 24th Dec. 10 am
Thursday 25th Dec. 9 am

Communion Calls
Fr. Kerry will visit the sick he normally visits on 1st Thursday on this Monday 22nd Dec and his 1st Friday calls on Tuesday 23rd Dec.

Priests Collection
The collection taken up on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is for the priests of the Parish. There will be only one collection. This collection, with the Spring and Autumn Dues are the primary source of income of the priests of the Parish.

Christmas Day Swim
in aid of the Church Restoration
Myrtleville Beach at 12 noon.
If you would like to support Fr. John and his fellow swimmers, Sponsorship Cards can be obtained from the Office at the back of the Church.

The Story of Christmas & The Snowman
Congratulations to the teachers and girls of Christ the King Primary School for a fine presentation on Thursday night. To all in the packed Church it was a wonderful and memorable experience. €3,803 was raised for the Church Restoration and Schools Funds.

We remember in our prayers:
Annie O’Keeffe Connolly Road, who died during the week, and extend our sympathy to her family.

We welcome into the Christian Community
Dylan James Ryan, O’Connell Crescent,
Emma Kate Daly, St. Anne’s Park,
who were recently baptised.

LOTTO DRAW Dec. 15th
Numbers drawn: 4, 5, 7, 21.
€35 CASH
O. Hinchion , P. Phelan, A. O’Callaghan, K. Kelleher
Turkey Winners T. Summers & D. O’Halloran
Last week’s net “take” €2,930
Last week’s Collection €1,260
Anonymous Donations: €50, €100, €150
This Monday there will be two Draws for Monday 22nd Dec. and Monday 29th Dec. The first Lotto Draw of the New Year: Monday 5th January.