November 23rd 2003 – Feast of Christ the King

Daring to be Truthful
If democracy is government by the people, asked one wag, is rule by the media `mediocracy’?
Monarchy is certainly on the wane as a mode of government. While kings and kingdoms sound a bit alien nowadays, rest assured that the spirit of `competition, grasping and getting’ still reigns supreme.
It wasn’t meant to be such. One prayer in today’s feast tells us that God’s kingdom is different. It’s where truth, life, holiness, grace, justice, love and peace find a home. Whatever our political system, somewhere along the line, we got things disastrously wrong.
Perhaps reflecting on this, the great Indian statesman Mahatma Gandhi listed seven social sins (in Young India 1925). They gave a handy agenda for today’s weaknesses and problems:
Politics without principle;
Wealth without work;
Commerce without morality;
Pleasure without conscience;
Education without character;
Science without humanity;
Worship without sacrifice.
In face of these, no grouping in society can afford complacency. At their heart is the spirit of truth, to which our first duty lies. True to self, to the vision, to others and to God. Falsity has no place in God’s Kingdom.
`All who are on the side of truth listen to my voice.’ Are we tuned in?

Diocesan Marriage Counselling Centre, Paul St.
The Annual Collection which goes towards the running of the Centre will be taken up after Communion at all Masses this weekend.

Parish Mission
Our thanks to Fr. Tom Ryan who led us in our Mini Mission. As so many of you have said, “It was a wonderful experience”. It was great to see the big numbers. Fr. Tom gave his all during his days with us. You all have your memories: his thought-provoking sermons, the ceremony of blessing of new life, the Masses with pupils of the Primary and Secondary Schools, the Mission ceremonies each evening — the Music — in all grace-filled days — Thank you, Fr. Tom.

G. F. Handel
100 voices
here in Christ the King Church
Saturday next 29th Nov. at 8 pm
East Cork Choral Society
with Cantairí Mhúscraí
Helen Hassett, Deirdre Cooling Nolan,
Robert Craig, Brendan Collins
Conductor: Colin Nicholls. East Cork Orchestra
Tickets €15 at Parish Office, Veritas, Pro Musica
Proceeds in aid of the Church Restoration Fund
No parking in Church Grounds except for invalids
Parking available in grounds of Boys & Girls Primary Schools.

We remember in our prayers:
Fr, Bill Daly, late of Friars Road, who served as a priest in the Diocese of Menevia in Wales, and Dan Casey, Bantry, a brother of Sr. Eithne of the local Convent.
May they rest in peace.

We welcome into the Christian Community
Ewan Patrick O’ Mahony and Kim Ann Mullane,
who were baptised recently.

Turners Cross Gramophone Circle
Recital on Tuesday next 25th Nov. at 7.45 pm in the Parish Centre. Presenter: Matt Farrell.

Parish Visitation
Fr. John will visit Evergreen Road and Summerhill South.
Fr. Kerry will visit Friars Road.

Christmas Day Swim
in aid of the Church Restoration Fund
If there are people who would like to take part in the Swim, please contact Fr. Kerry or Fr. John.
Sponsorship Cards available in the Parish Office after Mass and during the week.

Parish Christmas Card
There has been a big demand for the Parish Christmas Card and Christmas Triduum Mass Cards. Available in the Parish Office after Mass today and during the week.

LOTTO DRAW Nov. 17th
Numbers drawn: 3, 7, 8, 13.
L. McGrath, B. Fitzpatrick, A. Parks
Each received €1,200
€35 CASH
J. Mulcahy, T. Murphy, I. Roche, M. Walsh
Last week’s net “take” €2,998
Last week’s second Collection €1,161
Anonymous Donations: €50, €20
Old Money still welcome for the Restoration Fund.
Box at the back of the Church.