November 2nd 2003 – All Souls Day

A Time to Remember
This is a time for remembering. The loved ones we remember today are saints in waiting, waiting on the threshold of heaven, awaiting a little push from our prayers and sacrifices.
If our loved ones are in heaven they are saints already interceding for us and the Holy Souls. If they are in purgatory we can help them by our prayers and sacrifices. That is what the Communion of Saints is all about.
How often do we hear someone say, ‘I’ll be lucky if I get to purgatory’. This is a tacit admission that when we die many of us will be not quite ready for the state of perfection that is heaven and may have to spend some time in purgatory before getting there.
We pray, confident that we are heard, to Jesus, Mary and the saints. Why should we not communicate with equal confidence to our deceased parents, spouse or child? Be in touch with those you love. Death is no barrier to communication. It is a transformation, a continuance rather than a cessation. To God all are alive.

Parish Mini Mission
A leaflet giving details of the Mission and the Parish Calendar for 2004 will be delivered to each home in the coming days. The Mission given by Fr. Tom Ryan will be from 15th to 19th November.

Mass of Remembrance
Sunday 9th November
As a community we will have an opportunity to come together on Sunday next 9th Nov. at 10.30 am to remember all our loved ones, especially those who have died in the past year, and to support one another in our loss. Family members are invited to light a light in memory of their loved ones and place it on the altar rail before Mass. Lights will be available at the back of the Church — 20c.

Parish Christmas Card
Parish Christmas Card and Christmas Triduum Mass Cards are available in the Parish Office. Card on display on Notice Board at the back of the Church.

We remember those who have died during the week:
Mary O’Donovan, Greenhills Court,
James O’Regan, Tonyville,
Michael Geany, late of Fr. Matthew Road.
We extend our sympathy to their families.

Coláiste Chríost Rí — Information Evening
for the Parents of pupils intending to enrol for the school year 2004/2005: Thursday Nov. 13th at 7 pm.
Application Forms and Prospectus available on the night.

Holy Souls Novena
The Novena begins this weekend and continues until Mon. 10th Nov. Please return the lists of your Dead which will be placed on the altar, and at the Remembrance Garden.
Envelopes are available at the back of the Church.

Prayer Ceremony & Blessing of Graves
will take place this Sunday 2nd Nov. in St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Tory Top Rd., at 3 pm. Bring a small container to take some of the water blessed at the ceremony to sprinkle on your family grave.

First Friday
Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament after the 8 am and 10 am Masses: until 12.30 pm on Friday next.

Novena Prayer for the Holy Souls
Lord, hear our prayer for our loved ones whom you have called from this life. In reparation for their sins, we humbly ask of you to offer now to God our loving Father the infinite atonement you made on Calvary, and which you continue to make daily in the Mass. Through your merits, let the Holy Souls find full remission of the punishment due to their faults while on earth.
Deepen our faith, Lord Jesus, in the value of offering our Mass in union with the Masses throughout the world today for the Holy Souls. Comfort us in our loneliness and help us to accept your will always. Bring our departed loved ones into your home of everlasting happiness and grant that one day we ourselves may join them there, to rejoice with you for ever. AMEN.

LOTTO DRAW Oct. 28th
Numbers drawn: 8, 12, 24, 26.
€35 CASH
M. Harte, M. Horgan, E. O’Connor, T. O’Regan
Last week’s net “take” €2,864
Last week’s second Collection €1,495
Anonymous Donation €50
Old Money still welcome for the Restoration Fund.
Box at the back of the Church.