October 12th 2003 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Time of Great Joy
October 16 is a day of great significance for the whole Church. On that day Pope John Paul II celebrates 25 years of service and witness as Pope. His is the fourth longest pontificate in history and surely one of the most extraordinary.
This is time of great joy and thanksgiving for the life and dedication of our Pope. The 10 am Mass on Thursday next 16th Oct. here in Christ the King will be offered for Pope John Paul, for his health, continued wisdom and leadership of the Church.
Karol Wojtyla was chosen as spiritual leader of the Church in October 1978. A whole generation has grown up knowing only him as Pope.
The young Wojtyla knew the hardships of the Nazi and Communist regimes. Many believe that he made the most significant contribution to the dismantlement of European Communism. He knew too that to change things for the better would require study, prayer and patience. His time as priest and bishop in Poland, behind the then Iron Curtain, convinced him of the special value of the human person, which would be the basis of all his future teaching on life, family, freedom, the dignity and rights of every person, from conception to natural birth.
The Pope has spoken and written countless times on matters of social justice, world peace and fundamental human rights. He has travelled the globe almost continuously, speaking to individuals and whole communities on these matters. His visit to Ireland in 1979 will be for ever in our memory.

The Wonder of Life
A Pastoral Letter, “The Wonder of Life” from the Irish Bishops to mark the Day for Life 2003 and the 25th Anniversary of the Pontificate of Pope John Paul II has been published. Copies will be available shortly.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
The Society was founded in 1895. Notwithstanding the title, it is a lay society which promotes vocations to the priesthood by prayer, and helps financially those in need who respond to the call of Christ at home and overseas. Last year the members of the Society in our Parish collected €7,074.50.
The responsibility for vocations does not lie primarily on the shoulders of a few, but on the whole Christian community. The vocation apostolate is central to the whole life of the Church. Recently two young men began their studies for the priesthood in our Diocese.
We are blessed in our Parish to have a branch of St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society. They will hold their A.G.M. in the Parish Centre on Tuesday next 14th Oct. Before the meeting there will be Mass in the Church at 7.30 pm. Fr. Cian O’Sullivan, recently ordained by Bishop Buckley, will celebrate the Mass and give his First Blessing. All are welcome to attend the Mass.

Mission Sunday
Next Sunday is Mission Sunday. “Two thousand years since the start of Mission, there are still vast geographical, cultural, human and social areas which have not yet been penetrated by Christ and his Gospel” (Pope John Paul II). Support the missionary activity of the Church by prayer, offering of suffering and a generous financial contribution.

Holy Souls Novena of Masses
The Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls begins on 2nd November and continues until 10th November.
Envelopes are available at the back of the Church for the lists of your Dead.

Cork Mended Hearts
(Surgical Heart Patients Association)
Annual Thanksgiving and Remembrance Mass in Cork University Hospital Chapel on Thursday next 18th Oct. at 7.30 pm. Enquiries: (021) 4961541.

Christmas Cards
Parish Christmas Cards and Christmas Triduum Mass Cards will be available in the Parish Office during the week.

The Readers for next weekend can collect their readings for Mission Sunday Mass in the Sacristy after Mass.

Parish Visitation
Fr. Kerry will visit homes on the Curragh Road.

Don’t forget these Dates
* 14th Oct. Mass with Fr. Cian O’Sullivan at 7.30 pm.
A.G.M. of St. Joseph’s young Priests Society.
* 16th Oct. Mass for Pope John Paul at 10 am.
* 19th Oct. Mission Sunday and Beatification of Mother Teresa.
* 2nd Nov. Novena for Holy Souls begins.
* 9th Nov. Remembrance Weekend.
* 15th-19th Nov. Parish Mini Mission with Fr. Tom Ryan,Shannon.

Numbers drawn: 3, 15, 21, 26.
€35 CASH
M. Barry, B. Isaac, K. O’Mahony, A. Crowley
Last week’s net “take” €2,919
Last week’s second Collection €1,112
Anonymous Donations: €50, €20, €20
Old Money still welcome for the Restoration Fund.
Box at the back of the Church.