August 31st 2003 – 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Inside-Out. Outside-In.
You are being watched. If the Sacred Heart picture seemed like spiritual back-up to harried parents, today we have CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). These cameras pop up everywhere — in schools, shops, streets, police cars, Work places — like thousands of virtual eyes monitoring our behaviour. Video evidence appears regularly in court cases.
You suspect that if the cameras were trained on the Pharisees of the gospel, their outward behaviour would be just right. The philosophy of CCTV is that if you put people on camera they have to behave. It motivates people to act right. But ‘act’ is the word. Even at family functions, when the camera switches on, people stiffen their backs, pull in their chests — and look wooden and unnatural.
Outward public behaviour doesn’t necessarily reflect in ward character. We all act to role. When the cameras aren’t rolling, we’re more likely to drop the act and be ourselves. It’s only natural. What we ‘do’ matters, but where that ‘doing’ comes from matters more.
Question: What’s you motivation? What’s on the inside, where no CCTV can capture? What is more important, the outside or the inside? Which defines us more — our outward behaviour or our inside motivation?
Is how you look, how you come across, how you perform what makes or breaks you? It shouldn’t be, you know . . .
‘For it is from within . . . that evil intentions emerge . . .’ (gospel).

Liam Lawton & Lorica in Concert
Christ the King Church, Turners Cross
Sat. 27th Sept. 2003 at 8 pm
Tickets €15 available at Parish Office 021-4312465,
Veritas 021-4251255 and Pro Musica 021-4271659
Proceeds in aid of the Church Restoration Fund.

Morning Mass
The 8 am morning Mass resumes on this Monday 1st Sept.

We welcome into the Christian Community Dylan Augustin Twomey.

First Friday
Friday next is First Friday. There will be Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament after the 8 am Mass and after the 10 am Mass until 12.30 pm.

Catholic Papers
The Universe, The Catholic Times and The Irish Catholic are on sale at the back of the Church. This week’s Irish Catholic has a nice tribute to our own Br. Dominic of Maiville, who died recently.

Adult & Community Education Night Classes
Office and postal enrolments for adult education night classes will commence from Monday 1st September, during office hours.

Many Thanks
There was a tremendous response to the appeal for clothes etc. for the people of The Gambia, West Africa. Many thanks for your generosity and bringing the clothes etc. at the times asked.

Date for your Diary
Coffee Morning in aid of Marymount Hospice on Thurs, 18 Sept. in the Parish Centre after the 10 am Mass.

Ladies Evening Echo Mini–Marathon
Sunday 21st September 2003
in aid of Christ the King Church Restoration Fund.
Sponsorship cards available in the Sacristy after Mass today and in the Parish Office during the week (Mon. — Fri. 9 am — 1 pm

LOTTO DRAW August 25th
Numbers drawn: 12, 14, 16, 18.
€6200 Jackpot Winner: J. O’Leary
€35 CASH
Mrs O’Connor, T. Moynihan, A. O’Neill, G. Hennessy
Proomoters Prize: I. Dermody
Last week’s net “take” €2,952
Last week’s second Collection €1,130
Anonymous Donations: €600, €100
Sponsorship of Church Seat: €400
Old Money still welcome for the Restoration Fund.
Box at the back of the Church.
Our congratulations to Josephine O’Leary on winning the Jackpot. Many thanks to our Lotto Promoters and those who support the Lotto each week.

A New Beginning
First Sunday of September! As a child I always had a strong aversion to going to Mass on this particular Sunday. ‘THAT’ announcement was made: ‘The schools of the Parish will reopen tomorrow’.
I was into denial. If I could avoid listening to that notice, maybe school would disappear. Of course, it never did. My mother’s words were always reassuring: ‘Make a fresh start, this year will be different!’
September brings us into a time of new beginnings and challenges. The season of relaxation is over.
We pray:
That we may have courage for whatever struggles may lie
ahead of us;
That we will not be put off by discouragement and apathy;
That we may learn to support each other and so build up
the body of Christ;
That those who are suffering as a result of physical
deprivation may be given hope.