June 15th 2003 – Trinity Sunday

Father’s Day Question
Parents may have always faced (and dodged) awkward questions. With Father’s Day and Trinity Sunday coinciding, the following scenario could happen:
Child: Dad, I need some help. Friday in school our teacher tried to explain the Trinity: you know, one God in three persons.
Dad: Where’s your mother?
C. Dad!
D. OK, OK, so what’s your question?
C. Well, this Trinity thing is confusing.
D. Right, well let me think. God is like water, you know. It can be ice, liquid, and steam. All water, but different make-ups. Or like your finger, three joints but only one finger, or like your mother — she’s one person, a mother, a wife and a daughter.
C. So, you’re telling me that God is like water, a finger and like Mam?
D. Well, not exactly — though your mother would like to think so.
C. I’ll help. Is it like the beauty of a flower or the smile of a baby?
D. What? How is that like Trinity?
C. I don’t know, but when I see that, I know God must have had a hand in it.
D. That’s true.
C. But do they all have a part in it, or just particular jobs. Who decides? And do they ever argue with each other? Do they live in the same place? Can you see them all, or just some of them? How can you tell them apart? Are they identical?
D. (long pause – staring at child) Son, the Trinity is like a shamrock . . .
C. You don’t know, Dad, do you? I’ll just go and find Mam.
The Trinity — something to appreciate more than understand. Father’s Day — a day to rest in divine love that is expressed in fatherly care, sonly companionship and spirit-filled presence.

Christ the King Church Restoration Fund
Leader:  Adrian Petcu
Soloist:  Gerard Kelly, cello
World Premiere
of Angel Climent’s cello concerto
This Thursday, 19th June, 2003, 8 pm
in Christ the King Church
Tickets €10 each on sale in the Parish Office
after Mass today and during the week
Angel Climent is our own organist here in Christ the King, a composer of note: many liturgical works, a piano quartet, a suite for flute & piano, and now a cello concerto.
Gerry Kelly: a lecturer in the Cork School of Music. As a cellist he has performed in England, Europe, U.S. & Canada. He has devised the Lord Mayor’s Concert for many years. He has recently formed the London Irish Sinfonia. His wife, Evelyn Grant, you often hear on Lyric FM.

Day of Joy
Cian O’Sullivan will be ordained priest for the Diocese of Cork & Ross by Bishop Buckley on Sat. next 21st June in the Parish Church of his native Bandon. Cian has worked for the past two years as a deacon in Kinsale Parish and Our Lady Crowned, Mayfield, where he will celebrate his first Mass on Sunday 22nd June. Our prayers and good wishes go to Cian.

Deerpark C.B.S.
offers courses in Computers, English, Social Studies, Computerised Business, Payroll & Accounting.
The courses are designed for ADULT Learners.
No Entry qualifications.  No fees. You keep all benefits
Phone Deerpark  4962025  Finbarr Keenan.

Sunday next 22nd June, feast of Corpus Christi
the Body and Blood of Christ
Readings of the Feast replace the Sunday readings.
Cork Eucharistic Procession
Our parish group will assemble outside the Church gates on Sunday next at 3.00 p.m.

Apostolate of Our Lady of Fatima
All night Vigil at Knock.
June 27/28. €20. Phone 4962951.

Special Olympics
l  We pray for our country: that the good relationships created by the Special Olympics may extend into all walks of life.
We pray in thanks for all who have helped in hosting the Special Olympics . . .
We pray for all the athletes . . .
We pray for all who have volunteered . . .
We pray for a deep appreciation of the gifts we all possess and the courage to find creative ways of sharing them . . .
We remember that great things often have small beginnings and pray that we may strive to take small steps to nurture goodness . . .
We ask God’s blessing on the days ahead. May we all be winners and brave in our attempts, and through our games and competitions come to know God’s love.

Numbers drawn:  12,  22,  25,  27.
€35 CASH
P. O’Regan, L. Ó Draighneán, S. Dennehy, T. Falvey
Last week’s net “take”       €2,897
Last week’s second Collection       €1,115
Anonymous Donation    €20    
Old Money still welcome for the Restoration Fund.
Box at the back of the Church.