April 27th 2003 – 2nd Sunday of Easter

Sometimes people are better remembered for the mistakes they make than the good they do. The stamp with the small printing error becomes a collector’s item. The score missed in the final minutes of a crucial match can blight a whole career. Ask anyone to name a church tower in Italy and the most likely answer is Pisa — a leaning tower due to a mistake in the foundation.
Even the apostles were affected by this quirk of nature. Thomas made one of the most perfect acts of faith when he said, ‘My Lord and my God.’ Yet he is remembered not as a ‘believing Thomas’ but as a ‘doubting Thomas.’
It is a blessing for us, in our moments of doubt, that Thomas is remembered in this way. It is good for us to know that doubt can have a rewarding outcome.
If Thomas had not been willing to come face-to-face with the risen Jesus he would possibly never have accepted that Jesus had risen from the dead. And if he had refused to confront him, Thomas would never have known that this was the same person he had walked the roads of Galilee with.
Raising questions and voicing doubts can lead to growth in the life of faith. Thomas doubted, but his clear questioning and demand for a satisfactory answer got one of the best proofs that we have that Jesus is truly risen from the dead — not just for himself but for all believing Christians.

We remember in our prayers:
Ted Kenneally, late of Friars Road, and Victor O’Hare, Millstreet, (father of Patricia O’Hare, Principal of the Girls N.S.) and we extend our sympathy to their families.

Parish Visitation
Fr. John will visit Willow Court & Dale.

Bishops Commissions
The second collection today is for the Bishops Commissions (Emigrants, Prisioners, Communications, Cura, Justice & Peace . . .) Taken up after Communion.

Over €5,000 has come in so far through the Trócaire Family Fast Boxes. If you still have your Trócaire Boz at home please hand it in during the week.

Cork International Choral Festival Church Choir Interchange.
This Sunday (27th April) our Parish Choir will sing in the Church of the Resurrection, Farranree.
We welcome the Choir of St. Columba’s, Douglas, who are singing at the 10.30 Mass in our Church this Sunday.
Conductor: Patricia Kelleher.
On Sunday 4th May 10.30 am Mass we welcome the Bryansk City Academic Choir, Russia, to sing in our Church.

A Mighty Man Steps Down
Stephen O’Brien has stepped down. He was always a special talent — a player, a parishioner admired and respected by all. He brought leadership, pride, joy and excitement to so many down the years.
His last big game was the All Ireland Club victory with his beloved Nemo Rangers on the biggest stage in the land on St. Patrick’s Day
Stephen, we wish you well — Thank You.

Mick O’ Connell Appeal
On 9th November last our parishioner Mick O’Connell of Ashdale Park set out with the Dolphon Senior Team for a Charisty Cup Match in Clonakilty. Little did he know that a freak accident was about to happen and Mick would suffer spinal injuries that would change his life and that of his family forever.
As a parish, we can pray for Mick and support him. After the Masses on the weekend of 10/11 May, Boxes will be at each exit door for you to make a contribution.
We had a letter from Donal Linehan:— a Sponsored 5 K Run/Walk will take place on Sunday 11th May where each participant will be asked to raise as much sponsorship as possible for this worthy cause.
For Sponsorship Cards contact:
The Mick O’Connell Appeal Pffice, 8 Sydney Place.
Tel.  4508664.

Turner’s Cross Gramophone Circle Recital
in the Parish Centre this Tuesday 7.45 pm
Presenter — Jerry O’Callaghan

LOTTO DRAW April 22nd
Numbers drawn:  3,  22,  23,  26.
€35 CASH
C. Power,  Mr. & Mrs. Foley,  Mary,  S. McCarthy
Last week’s net “take”       €3,210
Anonymous Donation    €70    
The Old Money is still welcome for the Restoration Fund. Box at back of the Church.

If you have done nothing, or if what you have done has been fruitless because it was done for a human motive, begin immediately to do good works so that at death you will be able to offer something to Jesus Christ in order that he may give you eternal life.         — St. John Vianney