January 19th 2003 – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Des Res  (desirable residence)
Master — where do you live?
I dreamt one night Jesus took me with him. ‘Come on’ he said;‘ Want to see where I live?’ He took me to an encampment, where people scrabbled for the basics of life. ‘It reminds me of my “refugee” beginnings in Bethlehem. Mary told me all about that. They’re often ignored and despised, but I live there too.’
From there we went to workplaces, schools and homes, seeing people help, heal and encourage one another. He lived there too, it seemed.
Then he took me to a gorgeous church, with a golden tabernacle. It looked like heaven itself, with people going to and fro lighting candles and making short visits. ‘I live there too,’ he said. ‘Mind you, some would like to keep me here and take me out for a spiritual jog once a week or less.’ He looked . . . well — sad.
Then he brightened up: ‘You know, there is one place that I haven’t been able to get into — yet.’ He took out what looked like a small photo, to show it to me. I looked and saw my reflection — it was a mirror. He laughed and said, ‘I wonder if you know who has the key. I’d love to take a look and stay a while.’
Master, where do you live? God of life, help me to realise you wish to live in holy people, not just in holy places.

Dates for your Duary
5th March    Ash Wednesday.
11th March    Service of Light for those to be confirmed
and their parents.
12th March    First Confession Girls.
13th March    First Confession Boys.
25th March    Parish Confirmations.
21st April    Easter Sunday.

Fund Raising Events
in aid of Church Restoration Fund
23rd March    Parish Sponsored Walk
14th, 15th, 16th April (Holy Week):
  Passion Play
15th May    Viennese Evening with Mary Hegarty,
Nyle Wolfe, Garda Choir,
Willcolane Singers and
School of Music Orchestra
18th August    Golf Classic in Cork Golf Club
October    A Concert with Liam Lawton
11th Dec.    Handel’s Messiah with
the East Cork Choral Society

Christian Unity
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins today. As we celebrate our Eucharist together we ask God to draw all Christians closer to Christ and to each other.
In Ireland, we are good at appreciating what God has given to our own particular tradition. But often this has meant devaluing the other and considering their tradition not as valid as our own. We use history to demonise the other and portray ourselves as the wronged. The work of moving beyond the past to create a better future is a work involving understanding, tolerance, forgiveness and recognising God’s treasure wherever it is to be found. We look forward to the day when we all will be one as Jesus prayed we should be.

to join our Church Choir
Vacancies for male and female members.
(1)  after 10 am Mass on Sunday
(2)  at Practice on Wednesday nights
in the Church at 8.15 pm
(3)  Phone Catherine at 4362288
Céad míle fáilte assured!

We remember in our prayers
Jane Murphy,  Hollyville, Curragh Road, and
Delia Kinnane,  Trabeg Terrace,
who died during the week, and we extend our sympathy
to their families.

LOTTO DRAW  Jan. 13th
Numbers drawn:  3,  13,  17,  21.
€35 CASH
D. Lynch,  M. Callaghan,  M. Lonergan,  C. Cahill
Last week’s net “take”       €3,622
Last week’s second Collection       €1,208
The Old Money is still welcome for the Restoration Fund. Box at back of the Church.  

Peace starts with a smile