Christmas 2002

A Christmas Message
Christmas has arrived again. So many things go into making Christmas: the carols, the music, the choirs, the crib, the candles, the decorations, the lights, Santa, the shopping, the stress!, the rush, the presents, the cards, the good feeling, the dinners, the home comings – all are part of Christmas. And it is a wonderful family feast.
But Christmas is much more. It is above all saying ‘yes’ to an extraordinary hope and belief that the salvation of the world is in God’s hands. The mystery of Christmas is so full and deep – our Christmas Mass is the focus of all our celebration. For people of faith it is all deeply moving. It is into our broken, fragile world that a child is born who is called Son of the Most High, Prince of Peace, Saviour, God with us. Moladh go deo le Dia!
As we celebrate this great event and move into the new year, we need not so much to ‘start again’ as to build on the grace that has been shown to us in the past and, through that grace, to open ourselves to the promise of renewal that the unfolding year offers.
We welcome home those who have returned to be with their families for Christmas.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the sick, those away from home, our dead and those who were bereaved during the year.
This Christmas we wish you peace, and may we all get a little glimpse of the depth of God’s immense love for each one of us.
You are all remembered in our Masses.

Fr. Kerry & Fr. John

To all who log onto our Parish Website we wish happiness, peace and joy this Christmas and in the year ahead.

Triduum of Masses
25th Dec. Christmas Day  10.30 am
26th Dec. St. Stephen’s Day   11 am
27th Dec.   10 am

Priests Collection
The collection taken up on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is for Fr. Kerry and Fr. John. There will be only one collection.