December 1st 2002 – 1st Sunday of Advent

Advent A Time of Hope
Advent occurs when the days are darkest. The Liturgy is full of hope because God is ever coming to us. As long as we have someone to whom we can say ‘Come!’ we have hope.
This liturgy of winter enables us to touch any darkness of spirit we might experience as the Church is so much under attack, when religious practice has alarmingly waned and the numbers in ministry at crisis point.
Our psalm has great cries of hope:
God of hosts bring us back.
Let your face shine on us and we shall be saved.
Shine forth from your cherubim throne.
O Lord, rouse up your might.
O Lord, come to my help.

The vine represents God’s chosen people — the Church, which your right hand has planted. O Lord, visit your Church once more and may your hand be on those you have chosen to lead it.
Renewed in confidence, we promise that we shall never forsake you again.

The whole Church is served by a hearing loop. Users should tun their hearing aid to the setting marked T.

Senior Citizens Party
Turners Cross Senior Citizens Christmas Party will be held in Nemo Rangers Club on Sat. Dec. 7th at 7.30 pm. Names to be given in to the Parish Office or Nemo during the week.

Giving of Toys
In the spirit of giving at Christmas, at next weekend Masses, 7/8 December, children are invited to bring a wrapped gift or toy (labelled girl or boy and approximate age — selection boxes always appreciated). The gifts will be distributed by the local Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

An Exhibition of Paintings
will be held in the Parish Centre by Turners Cross Art Group on Saturday December 7th from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm.
All are most welcome.

St, Vincent de Paul
Christ the King Conference covering Turners Cross and Ballyphehane Parishes Year ending 31/12/2001.
Grants from central Coucil  €26,644
Donations    €5,935
Church Gate Collections  €9,538
Education Grants    €3,000
Cash Assistance    €21,201
Food    €17,023
Furniture    €818
Fuel    €2,375
Holidays    €1,000
Twinning with Nigeria
Conference    €120
Education    €2,350
Home Management    €200
Administration    €30
The Annual Christmas Church Gate Collection for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul will be taken up next weekend 7/8 Dec. Please support generously.

LOTTO DRAW Nov. 25th
Numbers drawn:  6,  15,  20,  24.
€35 CASH
P. Barry,   B. Nation,   M. Hennessy,   P. Downey
Promoters Prize:    N. Minihan
Last week’s net “take”       €3,288
Anonymous Donations:        €2,000, €50, €30    
Late sponsorship money for Eddie Mullane’s Dublin City Marathon run:    €155

Parish Christmas Card
There has been a big demand for the cards. Packets of 6 cards €4 from the Parish Office.
A TRIDUUM of Masses will be offered in our Church on 25, 26, 27 Dec. A card is available €2.50.
Old Money still welcome. Box at back of Church.

Jesus v Santa
Santa Claus, whose real name is Saint Nicholas, is probably the best loved saint of children. His feast day is on Dec. 6th. We all know the heart-warming and faith-enriching story of St. Nicholas, the good bishop-saint.
However, some parents today are faced with a dilemma — either to visit Santa’s den with all its expensive trappings or to focus on sharing their precious gift of faith in Jesus. Could this Jesus v Santa conflict be changed to become “Santa, Jesus’ helper’? Yes, it could.
The solution is simple. On the feast of St. Nicholas (Friday 6 December) Santa will be installed with a basket of ‘scrolls’ in our Church near the spot where the crib will be built later. We invite the children to visit Santa’s ‘sacred place’ in church during the first few weeks of Advent.
Santa, of course, will leave church early on Christmas Eve morning to prepare for his annual trip around the world that night. We hope he will phone us on Christmas morning as he did last year.
Each ‘scroll’ consists of a variety of spiritual-gift ideas and activities to help children and parents to prepare at home for the birthday of Jesus. It includes the story of Saint Nicholas, a short letter to children and parents from Santa, and his suggestion for a spiritual gift for Jesus on Christmas Day.