October 20th 2002 – 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mission Sunday
Tell among the nations his glory and his wonders among all the peoples.
The Christian story is the wonderful  news which the whole world has the right to hear. It is the news which offers meaning, hope and transcendence to human life.It is the story which never grows old. Each morning it calls for a new song to the Lord.
The worship of modern idols in wealth, celebrity status or popular fashion –  the gods of the heathens –  is incapable of satisfying the deep needs of our spirit. There is one God, the beginning and the end of all, who alone is to be adored and worshipped.
At Mass we gather in God’s holy house to bring our offering and return all glory.
Today, Mission Sunday, we pray that all people will have the privilege of hearing his word and joining in his worship.

There are no words to express, nor phrases in this language to convey the heroism of Irish missionaries: to have to see twenty tiny children brought in, in a state of advanced kwashiorkor; to know that you have enough relief food to give ten a chance of living while the others are completely beyond hope; to have to face this sort of thing day in and day out; to age ten years in as many months under the strain; to be bombed and strafed, dirty, tired and hungry and to keep on working, requires the kind of courage that is not given to most men who wear a chestful of ribbons.    Frederick Forsyth

Mission Ceremony
The young people will lead us in a little ceremony for Mission Sunday. At the end of the ceremony we will pray together:
Lord Jesus, you love all children. We want to show our love for you by doing all we can to help all children to come to know and love you. We promise to share our prayers, love and good things with others here and around the world.
Lord, look kindly on missionaries.
Fill their hearts with perseverance and courage
so that they patiently continue
the work of the apostles in our world today.   Amen.

Second Collection today for the Missions

We remember in our prayers Patricia Lutrell,  Mercier Park,
who died during the week, and extend our sympathy to her family.

Turners Cross Art Group
The Turners Cross Art Group is holding an exhibition of paintings at the Cork Vision Centre, North Main Street, from October 21st to November 1st. All are welcome.

Pastoral Letter
“Living with Dying”: Those who put their names on the list for copies of the Pastoral Letter can collect them from the box at the altar rails.

Novena for the Holy Souls
The Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls begins on Sat. 2nd Nov. Envelopes are available at the back of the Church.


Secure and Fix-it Enterprises Ltd
Northside Community Enterprises Ltd
Sunbeam Business Park, Mallow Road, Cork

Manufacturers and Suppliers of the following Services
Services to the Elderly & the Community:

House alarms, smoke alarms, window & door mortice locks, door chains, door viewers, painting & decorating, grass cut, paths cleared, house maintenance,
household furniture made to order, furniture repair service, doors hung, skirting bard, architrave, dado rails, timber floors laid.
No job too small. Ask for a quote.

Garden Furniture:
Benches, trellis, dog boxes, wheelbarrows, window boxes, wishing wells, bird tables, garden fences / gates made, supplied and fitted to any size.
A one stop service to our elderly & to the Community

The services will be available through the Parish Office Tel. 4312465 from the week beginning 11th Nov. 2002. There will be a display of these services & products in the Parish Centre during that week.

LOTTO DRAW Oct. 14th
Numbers drawn:  4,  20,  23,  25.
€35 CASH
R. O’Keeffe,  M. Healy,  M. O’Mahony,  J. Lynch
Winner of Cencert tickets:    N. Harte
Last week’s net “take”       €3,310
Last week’s second Collection       €1,200
Anonymous Donations:    €10 ,€12, €10, €1,000    

Thank You
Our thanks to all who helped in any way to organise the sell out Concert in aid of the Restoration Fund last Wednesday night, and to all who came to support us.

Old Money
The old money collected in recent weeks – in aid of the Restoration Fund – has been changed in the Central Bank in Dublin. It came to €2,436.31. Many thanks to all and the good lady who brought it to Dublin. Old money is still welcome.

Dublin City Marathon — Mon. 28th Oct.
Eddie Mullane will run again this year in aid of the Church Restoration Fund. If you wish to support Eddie, Boxes are available at the back of the Church and Sponsorship Cards in the Sacristy.