October 13th 2002 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

World Day for Life
The Irish Bishops in their pastoral Letter,  Living with Dying,   released for this Sunday 13th October.
“As a nation” the Letter states, “we Irish probably go to more funerals than most people. In that sense, death is familiar to us. But when we are faced with the death of a family member, or indeed our own death, it is a radically different experience.”
Highlighting advances in medicine and strongly advocating the increased availability of palliative care, the provision of pain relief for terminally ill people, the Bishops say that “Nowadays it is possible in most cases to keep pain within reasonable limits by the use of drugs. While the patient’s quality of life is improved he or she may die a little sooner due to these side effects. Under the traditional moral Principle of Double Effect, such drug treatment is perfectly legitimate from a moral point of view provided that:
– there is no intention to end the life of the person dying
– the reduction of the patient’s length of life is not out
of proportion to the pain relief he or she experiences.”
The Letter attempts to reassure people that, “Pain relief is a normal part of medical treatment. It is not euthanasia.” In fact, “good palliative care should mean that there is no need for euthanasia.”
Turning to health professionals they said, “Respect for life is fundamental to the ethos of medicine and nursing because every person is created for relationship with God” and so, “good palliative care, because it frees the sick person from excessive anxiety or pain, facilitates good pastoral and sacramental care.”
God is the giver of life, and he alone
has the right to decide
when that life should end.

in aid of the Church Restoration Fund
in the Church this Wed. 16th 8 pm sharp
Tickets €12 available from Parish Office after Mass today and during the week. Some tickets will be available at the door on the night of the concert
Parking:  There will be limited parking in the Church grounds on the night of the concert — only for invalids and participants. There will be parking in the grounds of the Boys and Girls Primary Schools on Evergreen Road.

Next Sunday is Mission Sunday
“Two thousand years since the start of Mission there are still vast geographical, cultural, human and social areas which have not yet been penetrated by Christ and his Gospel” (Pope John Paul II). Support the missionary activity of the Church by prayer and offering of suffering.
Second Collection next weekend

St. Mary’s, Popes Quay
Sunday next  20th October at 4 pm
Preacher: Fr. Edmond Grace, S.J.

We remember in our prayers
Helen Galvin, O’Connell Crescent, and
Derry O’Sullivan, Palaceanne Lawn,
who died recently and extend our sympathy to their families.

Parish Christmas Card
again this year  —   More information shortly

Confession Times
Saturday after 10 am Mass and 6 pm Vigil Mass.
Any time on request.

Holy Souls Novena of Masses
from Saturday 2nd Nov. to Sunday 10th Nov.
Envelopes will be available next weekend

to Nemo Rangers on winning the County Final
last Sunday
You did us proud — Well done!

LOTTO DRAW  Oct. 7th.
Numbers drawn:  3,  4,  6,  10.
Jackpot Winner
G. O Sullivan, 7 Greenhills Court
€35 CASH
H. Murphy,  O’Leary,  D. McCormick,  J. O’Donovan
2 Concert Tickets Winner:    Ann Fergusan
Last week’s net “take”       €3,302
Last week’s second Collection       €1,280
Anonymous Donation:    €500    

Dublin City Marathon Mon. 28th Oct.
Eddie Mullane will again this year run the Marathon in aid of the Church Restoration Fund. You will have an opportunity to support Eddie over the next two weekends.

Ladies Mini Marathon
Our sincere thanks to all who participated and those who sponsored people. €1,905 was raised for the Church Restoration Fund.