March 24th 2002 – Passion sunday

The Sacrament of Reconciliation
What better way to begin Holy Week than with a good Confession? You will have an opportunity for confession after Mass.
God loves all of us. He delights in us. He never loses faith in us, even though we may lose faith in ourselves. He never ceases to love us, even though we may have turned our back on him and tried to reject him and his Church. God’s mercy is endless, and it gives him joy to take away our sins.
When you celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, then, think more of God and his mercy than of your sins. Your very wish to come, and the effort you make to do so, are signs that God’s love is already enfolding you and his grace is at work in you. Facing your sins, and naming them, can be a painful experience. But there is joy and liberation in being reconciled to the Church and to God.
In your preparation, therefore, let the thought of God’s love and compassion fill you and give you heart. No life is so ruined that God cannot build it up again; no heart so withered that he cannot refresh it and make it young again.
Confession is not a ‘thing to be done’ but a very personal moment ‘to be lived’ in a relationship of love with God. Today my Father is waiting for me. I must go to him.

Numbers drawn:  2,  3,  12,  27.
€32 CASH J. Moore,   E. O’Shea,   D. Foley,   S. Ahern
T   THIS WEEK’S JACKPOT :  €5805   T
Last week’s net “take”       €3,815
Last week’s second Collection       €1,160
Anonymous Donations        €35,  €20

The Change is still coming!
There is still time to donate your coins to the Church Restoration Fund. Collection Box at the rear of the Church.  Last week €91 came in.  Many thanks.

There’s been a lot of interest in sponsoring furnishings for the Church:

* A Seat with memorial plate:  €400.
* A Slab for front of Church paving:  €25. See Notice Board for plan of paving.
* Re-polishing of Brass Items:
Tabernacle (large): €507. (2 small): €76 each
Candlesticks (6 large): €76 each.  (6 small): €63 eaach
Baptismal Font:  €203. Large Cross:  €190.
Small Paschal Candle:  €76.

Coming Fund Raising Events
Sponsored Walk
Crosshaven — Carrigaline 10K.
Sunday April 28th. Sponsorship cards available.

Race Night
Nemo Rangers Hall, Saturday 25th May at 9 pm

Easter Raffle Monster Hampers
Tickets are on sale after Mass.
Draw takes place at the Lotto Draw this Monday 25th March at 7.30 pm in Girls N. S. Hall.