January 6th 2002 –  Epiphany

Persistent Journey
We’re six days into the New Year. For most of us, the year just passed is a mixed heritage, joyful and sorrowful. 2002 represents a new beginning, a chance to do something good and meaningful. So what have the three wise men to teach us on this first Sunday of 2002?
>  A willingness to journey in faith to personally discover what God is doing;
>  The honesty to ask for help along the way, as they did of the experts in Jerusalem;
>  The faith to accept what they found. Even though it was plainly dressed, they believed.
Simple stuff really — but wisdom has that kind of gritty, real quality about it. Not imprisoned in books, more often revealed in the lives of people. Simple — but when used, as the wise men did, it leads us to God.
As we journey through the Hew Year, may God bless us all
with this kind of wisdom.

The €uro
“You’ll have to tell them to give 2 €uro now, Father. Or else you will lose out.” That has been a frequent comment in recent weeks. Maybe people will give 2 €uro without being told! What we do say to people is: ‘DO NOT GIVE LESS’. Do not give less than you usually give. If you want to give more, fine. It will be gratefully received. By the end of January, we will let you know how the collections compare with last year.

Numbers drawn:  4,  5,  15,  16.
€32 CASH
Ellard,  D.O’Sullivan,  F. Corcoran,  M. O’Sullivan
Last week’s net “take”       €2672
Last week’s Collection       €1208
Anonymous Donations:        €1270, €38, €102
Carol Singing, Glenn & Stephen Walsh:    €29

The Change is welcome
Donate your coins to the Church Restoration Fund. Collection Box at the rear of the Church. Last week €116 (£91) came in. Many thanks for all your Contributions.    

Christmas Raffle Results
1st    Denis O’Brien Senior,  Ballinlough Road
2nd    Kieran O’Regan,  Donnybrook
3rd    Maeve Kennedy,  Mercier Park
4th    Gillian,  County Hall
5th    Claire,   County Hall
6th    Margaret O’Reilly,  Greenhills Court
7th    Ann Twomey
8th    Anna Russell,  Derrynane Road
9th    Mickey Daly,  Nemo Rangers
10th    Dunne Family,  Mount Pleasant Road
11th    Declan Sullivan,  Project Management
12th    Kevin Cahill,  Nemo Rangers
The proceeds of the Raffle came to €1785. Many thanks to the organisers and to those who bought tickets