September 15th 2002 – 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Lord is compassion and love, slow to anger and rich in mercy.
Forgiveness of our sins is the ultimate proof of God’s love. In Jesus Christ we see the triumph of goodness over evil, of love over sin.
The instinct of fallen nature is towards resentment and anger . . . foul things, according to Ecclesiasticus. Today’s Gospel makes the point that the forgiveness we receive from God is something we must pass on to others. Our Catechism reads: ‘This outpouring of mercy cannot penetrate our hearts as long as we have not forgiven those who have trespassed against us.’
People are encouraged to visit the memory of past hurts. But staying in the past brings no healing, Constant picking at the scars reverses the process. With the grace of the Holy Spirit we can reach a higher plane where the wrongs of others are seen in a different light.
Peter asked: ‘How often should I forgive? As many as seven times?’ Jesus said to him, ‘Not seven times, but seventy-seven times.’

The Parish Office is now open
Located off the Porch at the back of the Church
Opening Hours
Monday — Friday     9 am — 5 pm
Mass Cards,  Get Well Mass Bouquet Cards
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The Shared Mass will be every Friday at 10 am
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We remember in our prayers:
* Br. Bartholomew Browne,  Maiville
* Kathleen O’Sullivan, Sunview
* Tim Sheehan,  late of Capwell Avenue
who died recently, and extend our sympathy to their families

Coffee Morning
in aid of the Hospice at Marymount, on this Thursday after the 10 am Mass. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

LOTTO DRAW September 9th.
Numbers drawn:  10,  21,  24,  25.
€35 CASH
Giltinan,  T. Moynihan,  N. Kelleher,  P. Green
Last week’s net “take”       €3,133
Last week’s second Collection       €1,081
Anonymous Donations:        €400,  €50    

Our thanks to all who have sponsored furnishings. Eight seats are still available:  €400.

The Lotto Draw will take place on Monday 16th September at 7.30 pm sharp in the Parish Centre.
The Lotto results appear each week on the Parish Website

“With a Song in my Heart”
City of Cork Male Voice Choir
Rowland Gregory Orpheus Singers Choir from Australia
Fiona O’Reilly   (soprano)
David Watkin-Holmes  (tenor)
Cork Barrack Street Band
Christ the King Church Wednesday October 16th 8 pm sharp
Tickets  €12, available in the Parish Office this weekend
Sponsored by O’Shea Builders

Take Time
Our lives revolve around time. Frequently we say: ‘Have you time to listen to me?’ – ‘What time is the meeting at?’ – ‘I haven’t time to talk to you now.’ The following reflection contains food for thought.
Take time to live – It is what life is for;
Take time for justice – It is the beginning of peace;
Take time to look afresh – It will fill you with surprise;
Take time to search – It is the secret of perpetual youth;
Take time to laugh – It is music to the soul;
Take time to pray – It is the greatest power on earth;
Take time for solitude – It revives the spirit;
Take time with the earth – It speaks of harmony & balance;
Take time at home – It renews the heart;
Take time to sow – It gives perspective on life;
Take time to reap – It brings gratitude;
Take time to heal – It is full of hope;
Take time to love – It is the reason for living.