August 25th 2002 – 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

“I place the key of the House of David
on Eliakim’s shoulder;
should he open, no one shall close,
should he close, no one shall open.”

(First Reading: Isaiah 22:22)

Both Eliakim and Peter receive keys today: Eliakim for the House of David, and Peter for the kingdom of heaven. Neither of them was the obvious choice and God went above the heads of others in appointing them. The Lord, who is high yet looks on the lowly, has made that same choice in revealing himself to you and me. Our only response can be thanksgiving.

Peter has been called a stumbling saint. He is a great consolation to us because courage fails us all. All of us are mere mortals, who are inconsistent in our beliefs. We must learn to forgive ourselves momentary weaknesses and failures. We must not judge ourselves or others by momentary inconsistencies, but rather by commitment given over a long period of time. Jesus was well aware of Peter’s faults, but he saw that, in spite of everything, his heart was sound – which meant he had the ability to love. And in the long run love is what counts.  

LOTTO DRAW  19th August
Numbers drawn:  9,  13,  18,  27.
1 winner: Noel O’Connell
€35 CASH:
J. Fitzgerald, J. Madden, M. O’Riordan, C. Gaffney
Congratulations to Noel on winning last week’s Jackpot of €1,000
Last week’s net “take”       €3,196
Last week’s second Collection       €1,038
Anonymous Donation:    €125

Our thanks to all who have sponsored Church
furnishings. Still available:
(1) a seat with memorial plate:   €400.
(2) a slab for front of Church paving:   €25.

Old Money
If there is still old Irish money out there it can be changed in aid of the Restoration Fund. There is a box at the back of the Church.

The Lotto Draw will take place on Monday 26th August at 7.30 pm sharp in the Parish Centre. The Lotto results appear each week on the Parish Website

Loop System for Hearing Impaired
If you have a hearing aid, the Loop System is now working in the Church. Switch your hearing aid to T

Ladies Evening Echo Mini–Marathon Sunday 15th September at 2 pm
It would be great to have parishioners participating in aid of the Church Restoration Fund, or, if not, to sponsor those who do.
Sponsorship cards available in the Sacristy. Entry Forms appear in the Evening Echo. Fr. John & Fr. Kerry have permission to participate !! Come and join them