July 14th 2002 – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Seeds of Greatness
Question: Who was Albert Einstein’s maths teacher? Or Sonia O’ Sullivan’s coach? Who was Bono’s music teacher? Or Pope John Paul’s religion teacher? Answer: We don’t know — but we’re eternally grateful.
Now, who seeded you, made you what you are, put value, meaning and grace into your life? The very fact that you take care and time to read and reflect on this, shows that the seed has taken root.
To sow takes faith, and a large measure of generosity. After all, three out of four castings of seed in the Gospel involve waste. A government agricultural advisor would counsel our gospel sower in a more efficient method of sowing: efficient maybe but not God’s way. In our turn, how often have we tried to do something good or worthwhile, only to be met with frustration?
We never know, do we? God-given seeds meet human responses. Never underestimate, play small or disregard the job you do, the family you rear. They can be the nursery bed for seeds of future greatness.

Paul — Suffering
I think that what we suffer in this life can never be compared to the glory, which is waiting for us.    Rom. 8:18
‘The wounds look good’ said my friend a week after the double bypass operation. He was expressing the relief after coming through major surgery and being on the road not just to recovery but to a better quality of life than before. Yes, in this life, suffering can yield to joy. We can reach a better place not because of suffering but through our suffering.
Paul senses that this is the way in our Christian life too. We will be redeemed in Christ through a life that will embrace suffering. The insight that suffering so often brings is a deeper awareness of what really matters to us. The material possessions we have accumulated rarely become more important when we gain that truth. Letting go of the clutter, making room for the Spirit, this is the surgery that makes way for a fuller life in Christ.

We offer our prayers and sympathy to the family of Batt O’Halloran, Derrynane Road, who died this week. May he rest in peace.

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Questions People Ask
Q.  What do you think the future holds for the Church if the present trend of fewer vocations continues?
A.  A huge question with many aspects. Certainly the numbers entering seminaries here is very low, but worldwide the figures were never better. Who can tell if the present trend here might not swing back to larger numbers?
One fact is obvious. The most urgent aspect of God’ call these days is the response of all the faithful to recognise the mission given them by Jesus, especially in accepting the sacrament of Confirmation.
Full-time shepherds will always be needed. Pray that people will respond to God’s call.    —  Fr. Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap

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