May 26th 2002 – Trinity Sunday

We welcome Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor to our Parish this weekend. He presided at the Rededication of our Church last evening. It was a wonderful and inspiring ceremony, This morning he celebrates the Eucharist with us. We are honoured that he has come among us, and we thank him for his words of encouragement, He often quotes the words from the prophet Isaiah when he comes ‘home’ to Cork:  ‘Out of the rock from which I was hewn.’

The Cardinal will visit the grave of his grandparents in nearby St. Joseph’s Cemetery before he returns to London this evening. In his homily at his installation in Westminster Cathedral he said: ‘I give thanks for all that has nurtured me and been the rock of my soul during my life: I mean my mother and father, my family, my friends and so many who gave me example and their prayers and their support and their love.’

Thank you, Cardinal Cormac, for being with us.

From the Prayer of Rededication..
..that Bishop Buckley prayed last evening
Father in heaven, source of holiness and true purpose,
it is right that we praise and glorify your name.
Today we come before you to rededicate
to your lasting service
this house of prayer,
this temple of worship, this home in which we are
nourished by your word and your sacraments.
Lord, send your Spirit from heaven
to make this Church an ever-holy place,
and this altar a ready table for the sacrifice of Christ.

On Sunday next..
..we celebrate Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Christ
Readings of the Feast replace the Sunday readings.

Cork Eucharistic Procession
Our parish group will assemble outside the Church gates on Sunday next at 3.00 p.m.

Triduum in Honour of the Divine Mercy
(in preparation for the feast of the Sacred Heart)
Dates: Tuesday June 4th – Friday June 7th
Venue: Ballyphehane Parish Church
Time:  Mass at 8 pm.  (Rosary at 7.40)
Speakers: Fr. Eamonn Barry (June 4th & 5th), Fr. Michael Fitzgerald (June 6th) &
Fr. Anthony Finn O.S.A. (June 7th)

Friday next is the First Friday of June. The sick and the housebound will be visited at the usual times.

We remember in or prayers:

* Michael Cremin, Greenhills Court
* Peg O’Mahony, Cherry Drive, Douglas Road
* Thomes Turner, who was being cared for by his niece in Congress Road

May they rest in peace. We extend our sympathy to their families.

Numbers drawn:  5,  15,  22,  24.
€35 CASH :
C. Dennehy, B. O’Reilly, B. O’Brien, M. O’Driscoll
Last week’s net ‘take’       €3,925
Last week’s second Collection       €1,031
Anonymous Donation    €600

Our thanks to all who have sponsored Church furnishings. Still available:

* a seat with memorial plate:  €400. To date, 66 seats have been sponsored.
* a slab for front of Church paving: €25
* new hoover & polisher for Church