June 9th 2002 – 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Thought
A man said to his friend Mike: ‘Ah, I don’t go to church any more. They’re all  hypocrites there.’ To which Mike promptly replied: ‘Come on and join us ‘ you’ll fit right in!’ Jesus has come for ‘sinners’ (like Matthew), and not for those who fancy themselves to be holy (like the Pharisees). ‘I did not come to call the virtuous, but sinners.’ After all, if we could save ourselves we’d have no need of Jesus Christ!  The Church is a hospital for sinners, not a hotel for saints. Each of us is in continual need of God’s mercy and compassion. That’s why we pray at least daily: ‘Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.’ At the beginning of Mass too ‘ at the Penitential Rite ‘  we all stand on level ground, ‘with our shoes off’. From the Pope to the least among us.  So, we’re a gathering of the Church, the gathering of the baptised ‘ sinners and virtuous. Not that some are sinners and others are virtuous. Rather, there’s a bit of both in each of us ‘ if we’re honest with ourselves. As Mike was with his friend!  

We remember in our prayers:
Paddy O’ Callaghan, late of Mercier Park, who died during the week. May he rest in peace.
We extend our sympathy to his family.

Turners Cross Community Games Athletics Events
This Sunday in Nemo Rangers Grounds at 2 pm.
Ages 8-16 years.

The Fold
The Summer Issue of the Fold is on sale this weekend. Items covered include the Rededication of our Church and the Visit of the Cardinal to our Parish. The Irish Catholic is also on sale.

Open Garden
Beneath the Steeple in Innishannon
On Sat. 22nd and Sun. 23rd June from 12 to 6 pm Alice Taylor will open her garden to the public. Located behind the red house at the traffic lights in Innishannon with parking further up the hill in St. Mary’s Church grounds. All proceeds in aid of Innishannon Church Fund.  

Prayer for those doing exams:
Lord, pour out your Spirit of Wisdom on those students doing exams. Help them to remain calm, to attend carefully to the questions asked, to think clearly, to remember accurately and to express themselves well. Grant that they may reflect the best of the work they have done and the best of teaching they have received. Accept their best efforts in these examinations and in the great test of life of earth. May your love be upon them, O Lord, as they place all their trust in you.

LOTTO DRAW  June 4th
Numbers drawn:  9,  18,  19,  23.
€35 CASH
R. O’Mahony, K. Gallagher, A. Goulding, J. Ward
Last week’s net ‘take’       €3,912
Last week’s second Collection       €1,019
Anonymous Donations:        €200, €120,  €60, €50    
Cork Corporation Grant:    €19,000
Remainder from Sponsored Walk:    €245

Our thanks to all who have sponsored Church furnishings. Still available:
(1) a seat with memorial plate:  €400.
(2) a slab for front of Church paving: €25.
(3) new polisher/buffer for Church:  €1,200

The Lotto Draw will be in the Parish Centre on Monday at 7.30 pm sharp.