April 14th 2002

Church Restoration Fund
Lotto Numbers Drawn April 8:
3, 15, 16, 25
€35 CASH:
E. Cronin,   M. Harrington,  D. Cotter,  M. Long
Last week’s net take: €3,755
Last week’s second Collection: €1,260
The Change is still coming and accepted!!
There is still time to donate your coins to the Church Restoration Fund.
Collection Box at the rear of the Church.. Last week €193 came in. Many thanks.  

The following items have been sponsored:
All the brass items; the Audio Loop system.
You can still sponsor:

* a seat with memorial plate:  €400
* a slab for front of Church paving: €25
* Votive Light Stands for the new statues of St. Joseph and St. Anthony for the Church.

Coming Fund Raising Events
Sponsored Walk:  Sunday 28th April.
Leaving Crosshaven 2.30 pm along the safe riverside walk. Plenty of parking
space at the Crosshaven end.
Sponsorship cards are available at back of Church.

Race Night:
Nemo Rangers Hall, 25th May,  9 pm. Horses for the 10 races will be on sale (€15) next weekend.

We would be happy to hear of any ideas for Fund Raising Events.

The Irish Catholic is on sale at the back of the Church 75c

Parish on the Web
The Parish now has its own Website:

We extend our sympathy and prayers to the families of those who died recently.
May they rest in peace:

* Joan Newbery, Evergreen Road
* Kay Hannon, Ashdale Park
* Ann Allen, Capwell Road
* Betty Mangan, South Douglas Rd.
* Canon Declan Crowley, retired P.P., Ovens.
Canon Declan, 82 years of age, died last Sunday. He served in our Parish as Curate for three terms. His final term was 1969 – 1980.  Recently as we travelled together to the Confirmation ceremony in Enniskeane, his native parish, he spoke of how he was looking forward to seeing the fruition of the restoration work on our Church.  Canon Declan, as one parishioner said, was unassuming, unpretentious and disarmingly humble, refreshing traits in a world of ‘sophistication’.  May God reward him for his years of service.

Trocaire Lenten Appeal
Total to date:  €5,259.
Included in this is €2,125 from the Girls’ Primary School.
Our sincere thanks to the girls and their class teachers.